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Handling Projects in Controlled Environments


PRINCE2® is derived from PROMPT II(Project Resource Organisation Management Planning Techniques). CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunication Agency) adopted a version of PROMPT II and it came to be known as PRINCE (PROMPT II In the CCTA Environment). It was later on that PRINCE came to stand for Projects In Controlled Environment. The latest update of PRINCE2® Online is the 2017 version. The previous version came in 2009.  The domain of PRINCE2 very soon spread out beyond the boundaries of IT systems. It came to be used on a large scale by the UK government as well as the private sector across the world. AXELOS Ltd. acquired the rights to PRINCE2® Online in July 2013. PRINCE2® Online being an undertaking of AXELOS confirms with its other sister products also that very much like PRINCE2® Online follows the Best Practices methods. The other methodologies that follow Best Practices are ITIL®, P3O, MSP, MoR,MoV, and many others.

 PRINCE2® Online is a methodology that can be customized to meet the demands of a project as specified by the client organisation. Recently AXELOS in May 2017 announced the newest update to PRINCE2® Online terming it as PRINCE2® Online 2017. The updated certifications for PRINCE2® Online 2017 became available in July 2017 both for the Foundation as well as the Practitioner exams. Since 2009, AXELOS has come up with this major update to PRINCE2® Online after a gap of around 8 years. The update according to AXELOS was necessary as delegates earlier were concentrating more on passing the exams rather than gathering the concepts for later use in their professional life. 

  • Understand the PRINCE2® Concepts without leaving your location

  • Customise PRINCE2® as per the clients requests

  • Make your resume more valuable with PRINCE2® Online 2017 update

  • Certified instructors to teach the PRINCE2® Online concepts

PRINCE2® Online Training Courses

PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Online

In 1989 CCTA adopted a version of a methodology known as PROMPT II (Project Resource Organisation Management Planning Techniques) to manage their projects. The CCTA later renamed it as PRINCE


PRINCE2® Foundation Online

In an organisation when projects fail to meet the deadlines specified the end result is a product with poor quality. This is an indication of project team’s failure to handle the project. This can be...


PRINCE2® Practitioner online

All the versions starting from PROMPT II to PRINCE2® 2009 provided enough theoretical knowledge of PRINCE2® to the delegates. This was, however, not enough for them as they wanted a practical impleme...


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What is PRINCE2® Online Training Course?

 PRINCE2® Online helps provide a reliable methodology, better initiation and reviews of the project progress from time to time. It is due to these features that the PRINCE2® Online methodology has been wholeheartedly accepted the world over.

The latest update to PRINCE2® Online i.e. PRINCE2® ONLINE2017 emphasis on the practical implementation of the methodology rather than just cramming up the concepts to clear the certification exam. The PRINCE2® Online methodology can apply to any kind of organisation whether IT or non-IT and irrespective of its size as well. MSP Training provides PRINCE2® Online training courses to the delegates so that they are able to work with project management tasks flawlessly using this framework.

Why Should I undertake the PRINCE2® Online Training Course?

A delegate can opt for the PRINCE2® Online training because of several reasons. Primarily PRINCE2® Online helps in Project Management but can also be used for controlling the risks and estimating the use of the resources. Projects using the PRINCE2® Online methodology finish well within the schedule specified and as such save both on time and money. PRINCE2® Online can be tailored according to the needs of the project irrespective of the type and size of the organisation where it is implemented. A resume with the stamp of PRINCE2® Online on it will have more takers than one without it. Professionals with such a qualification get better salaries as compared to others.

What are the benefits of PRINCE2® Online Training course?

 PRINCE2® Online is a structured approach using which project managers can control their projects at any stages – from beginning to end.All the members of the PRINCE2® Online project team know their roles as well as their responsibilities very well.By dividing huge projects into various stages and modules, they can be completed within a given timeframe and the allotted budget. PRINCE2® Online can be used to augment the project performance by maintaining the quality of the service.

PRINCE2® Online helps the delegates to seek for better career opportunities.PRINCE2® Online improves the problem-solving skills of the delegates and also increases their knowledge in project management. The PRINCE2® Online framework can be used by any of the industries and delegates have a better chance to work in the United Kingdom, the country of birth of PRINCE2® Online.

Why study at  MSP Training?

 MSP Training offers the latest update of PRINCE2® Online i.e. PRINCE2® Online 2017. The training ensures that the delegates get the skills to use the knowledge at their organisation to manage projects. Our instructors are certified with PRINCE2® Online and as such capable of removing any doubts, the delegates might have. At MSP Training the delegates are provided with instructor support 24 x 7 throughout the training. At MSP Training, we cover the following certifications :

PRINCE2® Online Foundation

The Foundation certification ensures that the candidate has enough knowledge of the PRINCE2® Online methodology so as to work with a PRINCE2® Online team.

PRINCE2® Online Practitioner

The PRINCE2 Practitioner exams ensure the candidate has mastered the PRINCE2® Online skills and can apply them in a real-time scenario.