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Risk Management provides a framework for managing risk across all parts of an organisation whether it is operational, program, project or strategic. The course provides essential knowledge to the delegates to identify, assess and control any type of risk which may have an impact on the fulfilling the business objectives of an organisation. Risk management provides an effective structure to the organisations to evaluate risk accurately and timely and also supports in implementing effective risk management program or policy. Throughout the course, the delegates will learn the core and advanced concepts and methodologies of risk management including business continuity management, project risk management, security and operational service management.it comes under Programme Management.

  • Design a systematic approach to risk management and create an effective framework

  • Gain MoR® Certifications and enhance your career opportunities

  • Explore the benefits relating to project risk management

  • Courses delivered and prepared by certified risk management trainers

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Risk Management Courses

MoR® Foundation & Practitioner

MoR® Foundation and Practitioner courses are designed to provide essential knowledge about the framework, procedures and methodologies of Management of Risk (MoR®).


MoR® Foundation

The MoR® Foundation course provides the in-depth knowledge of the Management of Risk (MoR®) methodologies and framework. The five-day course enables the delegates to achieve systematic risk assessmen...


MoR® Re-Registration

MoR® Re-Registration course is designed to provide essential skills and knowledge to implement the sophisticated techniques to handle and mitigate the risk with MoR® Re-Registration qualification


MoR® Practitioner Upgrade

The MoR® Practitioner Upgrade course provides the fundamental knowledge of implementing an effective framework for risk management and scenario-based tasks.



MSP Training provides Risk Management courses that comprise MoR® Foundation and Practitioner, MoR® Foundation, MoR® Practitioner Upgrade and MoR® Re-Registration courses. Almost every decision made in the organisation involves the certain element of risk. Risk Management provides a comprehensive approach to the delegates to manage risk within their organisation. The course is specifically designed for risk managers, business change managers, project and program managers and other managers who are responsible for identifying, planning and handling risk management activities across the organisations. The course introduces delegates to the MoR® principles and processes required to shape and influence risk management across an organisation.

Risks can occur in the organisations from various sources that include project failures, credit risks, uncertainty in financial markets, natural disasters, uncertain events and unpredictable root cause. With the continuous increase of business risks, it becomes crucial for the organisation to implement some sort of formal risk management system. The MoR® courses help the delegates to face the risks occurred in the organisations and provides the knowledge about the tools and techniques to overcome the risks effectively and systematically. 



Why Should I take this course?

Risk management has become part of everyone’s life and it is important to the success of every business. All organisations public or private, large or small need competent, highly qualified and skilled people to manage the risks. The operational staff and managers need to implement an effective risk management program within their organisation and develop strategic business and financial plans. The MoR® courses enable the delegates to diversify and manage risks at every turn and provide knowledge about different tools and techniques used for the identification, evaluation and management of risks within the organisation or project.

Why Choose MSP Training?

MSP Training ensures that their well trained and highly experienced instructors help you to understand the latest concepts, principles, processes and perspectives of Risk Management. The course helps the delegates in acquiring the skills with a better standard of satisfaction. We offer a flexible mode of training programs as per your requirement such as classroom, online and onsite training courses. Our well-trained support team feels more than happy to handle your queries and resolve within time. Our certified and experienced trainers make the training program more valuable by giving real-world examples to the delegates and build long-lasting relationships with our customers.

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Risk Management

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