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Manage risks with greater control using MoR® Re-Registration qualification


MoR® Re-Registration course is designed to provide essential skills and knowledge to implement the sophisticated techniques to handle and mitigate the risk with MoR® Re-Registration qualification. The two-day course enables the delegates to refresh their MoR® methodologies and framework knowledge gained by passing the Foundation and Practitioner exam. Throughout the course, the delegates will learn how to manage the risks with greater control using risk management perspectives and processes and how to establish relationships between MoR® principles, approaches, processes and embedding and reviewing MoR®. The risk management instructors enable the delegates in implementing their theoretical knowledge of MoR® into the practical environment and enhance their risk management knowledge.

  • Explore the approaches, principles, processes and techniques of MoR®

  • Gain a consistently high standard of learning and extract maximum benefits

  • Comprehensive learning experience including MoR® Re-Registration exam, certificates and MoR® manuals

  • Re-examine areas of ambiguity or uncertainty using recognised Risk Management Framework

  • Courses delivered by certified and well-experienced Risk Management Trainers

  • Ensure your Registered Practitioner status is maintained

  • MSP Training offers flexible mode of training at an affordable price


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Key Learning Points

Clear and concise objectives to guide delegates through the course.


Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.


The delegates must have passed the MoR® Practitioner exam before taking the MoR® Re-Registration course. It is also mandatory to present a proof of MoR® Practitioner Certification before taking this examination.


The course is designed for those delegates who have already passed the MoR® Foundation and Practitioner exam and now want to re-certify their qualification. These include:-

  • Risk Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Operational Staff and Team Leaders
  • Support Managers
  • Business change Managers


  • Describe the various concepts and framework used within MoR®
  • Understand the background and advantages of effective risk management
  • Examine the techniques to identify and assess the risks, then plan and implement risk responses
  • Implement MoR® Process that provides a structured framework to evaluate and handle uncertain events
  • Improve one’s capability to make better decisions on risk and clear ownership and accountability of risk
  • Develop a systematic approach for risk management to enhance performance
  • Apply techniques that support each step of the risk management process
  • Describe supporting tools such as Healthcheck and Maturity model
  • Establish current practices using MoR® Maturity model and Health check
  • Recognize the importance of Risk Specialisms
  • Classify the main principles for the development of best risk management practice
  • Outline the importance of embedding and reviewing risk management

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MoR® Re-Registration course introduces delegates to the framework of risk management and its common techniques and principles. The MoR® courses are designed to enhance the potential and capabilities of delegates in the MoR® training environment and workplace. The delegates learn the techniques to identify, evaluate and handle the risks in a well-structured manner leads to business development and better service delivery.

The course covers the techniques to tailor MoR® effectively by applying the strategies, approaches and principles within the organisation. To maintain the Practitioner status, the MoR® Practitioners should re-register their qualification within 3-5 years of their original certification. The delegates who wish to overcome their knowledge gaps arise during their continuous risk management practice can also enrol into the Re-Registration course.  

Important Exam Details

The course helps the delegates for preparation of MoR® Re-Registration exam. Details of the exam are as following:

  • Type: Objective based testing
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Pass Percentage: 50%
  • Two questions of 20 marks each
  • Open Book exam



Reintroduction to MoR®

  • Framework of risk management
  • Benefits of risk management
  • Describe principles used in MoR®
  • Impact of risk management on Internal control and corporate governance
  • Explain core management documents
  • Describe MoR® Perspectives
    • Strategic
    • Program
    • Project
    • Operational

The Risk Management Process

  • Identifying risks
  • Evaluating risks
  • Planning effective strategies
  • Implementing processes
  • Communicating and sharing the information

Reevaluate the role of Risk Specialisms

  • Health and Safety
  • Incident management
  • Security
  • Business continuity
  • Financial

Overview of MoR® Re-Registration Examination

  • Examine syllabus content of the MoR® Re-Registration exam
  • Understand Style of questions
  • Time management during the exam

Analyse MoR® structure

  • Describe Principles, Approaches and Processes
  • Reviewing and summarising all aspects of the MoR® context
  • Embedding and Reviewing MoR®

Preparing for the Re-Registration exam

  • Understand the methodology
  • Use a sample Practitioner exam paper
  • Scenario practice exam questions

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