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The MoR® Foundation course provides the knowledge of the Management of Risk (MoR®) methodologies and framework. The five-day course enables the delegates to achieve systematic risk assessment and management within their organisation. The delegates will learn how to implement MoR® in the organisation from Project, Program and Operational perspectives.  During the course, the delegates will understand the core concepts and workflows of MoR® and implement and review the principles for monitoring and control the risks. The course also covers the understanding of Risk Maturity Model, Risk Health Checks and role of Risk Management Specialists.

  • Gain MoR® certifications and enhance your career opportunities

  • Supports corporate in creating an effective framework for risk management

  • Design a systematic approach to risk management and improve performance

  • Courses delivered by certified and well-experienced Instructors

  • MSP Training offer flexible mode of training at an affordable price


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Delegates will get certification of completion at the end of the course.


Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.


Exam Prepration Tips

It helps in preparation for the exam so that they can score well.


No preconditions are required to attend the course. However, some working experience in the Project or Operational environment would be beneficial.


The course is targeted at those delegates who are responsible for managing risk in their organisations. These include:

  • Risk Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Support Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Business change Managers
  • Operational Staff and Managers


  • Able to analyse the changes required to improve the risk management
  • Demonstrating modern practices applying health check and security model
  • Spread more risk awareness by handling potential problems and opportunities and strengthen competitive advantage
  • Developing a comprehensive approach to risk management to improve presentation
  • Implement risk management policies to an organisation and simplifying the process of making information available when decisions need to be made whether big or small
  • Able to gain confidence and ability to shape and influence risk management within an organisation
  • Describe the techniques to identify and assess the risks and then plan and implement the risk control replies and responses
  • Understand the different terminologies used in MoR®
  • Classify the principles of the development of good risk management practices
  • Identify the nature and extent of risks facing an organisation and minimise the incidence and impact on the business
  • Classify four different MoR® perspectives affecting the organisation such as strategic, programme, project and operational
  • Enhance the possibility of attaining change initiatives by managing contingent and maintenance activities effectively
  • Encourage transparency and discuss business issues among the employees to make better decisions ensuring improved service delivery and attain good value for money
  • Optimum utilisation of available resources and improve performance through waste reduction
  • Encourage transparency and discuss business issues among the employees to make better decisions ensuring improved service delivery and attain good value for money

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Organizations, large or small make any decision relating to their business involve certain elements of risk. Effective risk management plays a significant role in fulfilling the objectives of the organisation and achieving success at all levels. The MoR® Foundation course introduces MoR® strategies and processes required in the implementation of the structured risk management policies within the organisation. The course enables the delegates to implement a systematic and comprehensive approach to manage risks. After the completion of the course, the delegates can use their knowledge and skillset required to shape and influence risk management to analyse and control uncertainties and mitigate the losses.

Important Exam Details

The delegate must pass the MoR® Foundation exam for completion of MoR® Foundation course. The exam consists:

  • Type: Open Book Test
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Pass marks: 50%
  • Objective Based Testing
  • Two questions of 20 marks each



An Introduction to Risk Management

  • Describe framework of Risk management
  • Advantages of Risk Management
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Explain MoR® Principles
  • Describe MoR® Perspectives
    • Strategic Risk
    • Project Risk
    • Operational Risk
    • Programme Risk
  • Understand MoR® Approach
  • Classify MoR® Techniques
  • Understand Roles and Responsibilities
  • Corporate Governance and Internal Control

MoR® Specialisms

  • Management of Business Continuity
  • Health and Safety Risk
  • Security and Financial Risk
  • Incident and crisis

MoR® Process

  • Identification of the Risk
  • Assessment and Planning strategies
  • Implementing and Communicating
  • Embedding and Reviewing

MoR® Principles

  • Line up with goals
  • Fits in the context
  • Provide clear guidance
  • Involve sponsors and stakeholders
  • Creates a supportive culture
  • Establish decision-making process
  • Promote continual improvement
  • Attain a measurable value

MoR® Approach

  • Process Guide
  • Design Risk Improvement Plan
  • Risk Communication Plan
  • Maintain Risk Register
  • Risk Response Plan
  • Risk Reports
  • Issue Register

Implement Risk Management Policy

  • Develop Strategies
  • Implanting and Reviewing MoR®
  • Implementing the principles
  • Overcoming typical process hurdles
  • Performing Health Check
  • Risk Management and Security Model
  • Improving culture for risk management
  • Measuring the value of risk management
  • Identifying and establishing opportunities for change

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