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These days a Business Analyst has to outperform his/her traditional role as a manager and developer of IT Systems. A Business Analyst must make himself familiar to the various business strategies, with the help of proven techniques he must be able to analyse the business solutions presented before him. Most important of all he must know how to recognize the changes that must be made to a business so as to meet challenges that arise both from internal as well as external sources.

  • Learn to analyse business processes to ensure less business hazards

  • Ensure positive business solutions as a specialist in Business Analysis

  • Earn higher perks and packages

  • Get your resume the most sought after with an Analyst Profile in it

Business Analysis Training Courses

BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

Business Analysis lays emphasis on refining the present business situations and recognizing business solutions for the problems faced by the businesses.


BCS Certificate in Requirement Engineering

This course is for all those professionals who want an understanding of the Business Analysis skills. Such professionals may include Business analysts, business change managers, business managers etc...


BCS Certificate in Commercial Awareness

The BCS Certificate in Commercial Awareness course covers two aspects that relate with fiscal as well as behavioral skills.


BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes

To attain the most common objective, profit, all organisations follow one or another set of rules that have been time-tested such as the Japanese “Muda”, Motorola's Lean Six Sigma and TOGAF®.


BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

The Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis is the stepping stone for courses such as Business Analysis, IS Consultancy and Business Change.


BCS Foundation Certificate in IS Project Management

The budding Project Managers learn in the BCS Foundation Certificate in IS Project Management how to successfully manage agile projects.


BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis

The BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis has come a long way to become a standard for Business Analysts.


BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Change

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Change course at MSP Training makes the delegates fully aware of the concepts of Business Change such that they are able to manage change in real-time.


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What Is Business Analysis Training?

The training aims at developing the analytical skills of the delegates such that they can easily work with their senior management and effectively analyse as well as model business activities. Delegates during this training learn to recognize problems and identify solutions for them. The training begins by defining and describing the terms and terminology associated with the analysis. The training presents various techniques of analysis to the delegates with examples and demos and use cases.

At MSP Training, the delegates go through two levels of analysis training namely Foundation and Practitioner level. Both these levels have a different level of difficulty. The courses falling under these levels can be either just a single course or even more than one in some cases.


The delegates begin by taking a certification in a Foundation course by clearing two out of the three following :

These three exams form a part of the Core of the Business Analysis Training.

The second level is the Practitioner level in which delegates can sit for the following exams:

 The International Diploma in Business Analysis comprises of four exams plus an oral exam. The International Diploma consists of :

The delegate has to pass 4 courses in all – both the courses from the Core Module, 1 from the Knowledge-Based Module, 1 from the Practitioner Module and the Oral exam also.

Why Should I Take Business Analysis Training?

The BCS Business Analysis Training ensures that the candidates are quite capable of meeting the standards set for analysis by the BCS which happens to be The Chartered Institute for IT. All over the world there exist more than 70,000 Business Analysts certified from BCS.

What Is The Benefit of Taking Business Analysis Training?

Businesses benefit from Business Analysis by making sure that the business solution eventually delivered by the specialists conforms with the requirements. They also ensure that the original requirements will help reduce business problems, and business risks while generating business value. As a Business Analyst, the delegates will get to work on various projects each having its own challenges that the delegates will be required to solve. This helps the delegates attain a better level of understanding the different problems and their solutions. Another benefit which every employee of the organisation looks toward is a better package. Business Analysts are today most sought after and as such can demand a higher and a better package than even those who are experienced but not certified. The Analysts have the option of choosing the type of work they want to and the projects they might like to work with. They are also better able to focus on the results they are required to deliver to their organisation.

Why Choose MSP Training?

MSP Training happens to be one of the best training providers since long when it comes to delivering a training for Business Analysis. The instructors at MSP are certified instructors who also have a number of years of experience in Business Analysis and in imparting Analysis related training. The delegates at MSP, during the training, are allowed to raise any kinds of training related doubts which our certified and experienced instructors will willingly remove. Such services at MSP are available to our delegates or clients 24 x 7. For the good of the delegates, the instructors provide them with solutions that are not only theoretical but also have a practical implementation. This helps the delegates in their real-time situations when they have to solve problems without the help of any of the instructors.

Business Analysis Training

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