BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes

Creating prototypes of Business Processes


To attain the most common objective, profit, all organisations follow one or another set of rules that have been time-tested such as the Japanese “Muda”, Motorola's Lean Six Sigma and TOGAF®. Such organisations are always searching for professionals who have attained such qualifications. The BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes course conducted by MSP Training helps the delegates achieve such skills.

  • Model business processes for an organisation

  • Using the Modelling Business Process Techniques ,Analyze and Improve Business Processes

  • Certification from World Leaders in Providing Certification

  • Courses Conducted By Certified Instructors


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Key Learning Points

Clear and concise objectives to guide delegates through the course.


Exam Prepration Tips

It helps in preparation for the exam so that they can score well.


Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.



Courseware will also be provided to the delegates so that they can revise the course after the training.


 There are no prerequisites for BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes course.


The candidates most suitable to take this course can be from the following:

  • Quality Manager
  • Test Manager
  • Requirements Engineer
  • Functional Tester
  • User Acceptance Tester
  • Performance Test Specialist


  • Modelling Business Processes – An Assessment
  • Identify and create prototypes of essential business processes both as a process as well as an organisation level
  • Recognise the main components of modelling
  • Recognise and Prototype Business Rules
  • Identify performance measures with tasks
  • Get an overview of popular Process Modeling techniques and Notation (including BPMN)
  • Identify problems with current processes
  • Re-engineer organisational processes to make improvements

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During the schedule of this course, the delegates become familiar with the concepts and tools used to identify, which help them to develop the existing processes and create new prototypes having better and sophisticated features. This is one of the courses a delegate can choose to complete his / her journey in attaining the BCS International Diploma and is a Practioner Level course.

The delegates, during the schedule of the Modelling Business Processes course, learn how to classify, observe and create prototypes of business processes at different levels. After this, the course goes on to impart knowledge about the various ways by which the processes can be improved upon. It uses case studies modelling techniques such as the Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) mainly used for recording of the business processes.

The Modelling Business Process offered by MSP Training refers the updated syllabus reflecting the recent changes and developments in modelling processes. The course is imparted by experienced and certified professionals at MSP Training such that the candidates get detailed knowledge of modelling techniques.

When the delegates are required to handle change in their organisation, having this certification proves to be an added advantage. This is also one of the Practioner level courses that the delegate can choose from to gain the International Diploma in Business Analysis.

The candidate must fulfil the following conditions to clear this certification exam:

A candidate needs to clear the 60-minute exam to get the BCS Certificate Modelling Business Processes certification. A minimum of 50% marks needs to be scored in this open book exam. However, for candidates who wish to give the exam as well, they must carry some photographic evidence along with them to be shown to the BCS invigilator. Those candidates who are specially-abled or have a different native language than the language of the exam, they can get additional time. This again depends upon the candidate providing the information to BCS well ahead of the Exam date.


  • Business Process Modelling – A Perspective
    • Process modelling and its requirement
    • Modelling techniques and Their Application
    • Process Modelling – It’s hierarchy
    • Differentiating between process, task  and functional modelling
    • Relationships between process models in the hierarchy
    • Approaches to business process modelling
  • Business Process Modelling and Notation (BPMN)
    • Strategic context and business objectives
    • Value Chain Analysis
    • Process task and functional modelling
    • Modelling an organisational view of processes
    • Activity diagrams
    • Differences between the process and function
    • Definition of a business process
    • Business process measurements and metrics
    • Processes hierarchies and delivering value
  • Documenting Tasks and Flows
    • Identifying tasks
    • Documenting work steps
    • Defining business rules
    • Job performance metrics  
  • Evaluating and Improving Business Processes
    • Identifying problems with current processes
    • Analysing the process flow
    • Interpreting jobs, handoffs and performance
    • Identifying and questioning business rules
    • Modelling the ‘to be’ process
    • Identifying new measurements and standards
  • Transition
    • Re-engineering organisational processes
    • Defining roles and skills profiling
    • Change management 
    • Integration of process modelling and requirements definition

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