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Programme management is the process of administering many projects, with the motive of improving the performance of team members as well as a team. As per the aims and practice, it is somewhat similar to business transformation, change management, industrial engineering and systems engineering. The programme manager has supervision powers to manage all the activities during the project. By keeping a close vigil on project level activity to confirm the program goals met within the time frame. The prominent task in programme management is to identify and administer Project Management Office and Cross-Project Dependency. The training experience with MSP Training will be a life-changing one. Programme management includes APMP TrainingMSP® TrainingRisk ManagementValue Management,  PMP®Training

  • Vast understanding of Programme Management methodologies and terms

  • Learn implementation of Programme management methodologies in practical

  • Learn management of projects efficiently from beginning to last

  • Courses taught by highly qualified and certified Instructors

  • Make yourself better Programme manager

  • MSP Training offers courses at best price in the UK

Programme Management Courses

APMP Training

MSP Training introduces APMP Training that is an extremely beneficial way to acquire the fundamental awareness of project management. By attending this training, the delegates will get to know how pr...


MSP® Training

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) is an abbreviation of MSP that consists of a set of rules and procedures for use when administering a plan. MSP® is considered as the world best practise suite o...


Risk Management

Management of risk provides a framework for managing risk across all parts of an organisation whether it is operational, program, project and strategic. The course provides essential knowledge


Value Management

The concept of value management is significant to project, program and portfolio as it demonstrates the strategic objectives of the organisation and setting the agenda



Many things are there that change within themselves as well as with its concerned programs. It is the process of right transfer of capability to line management and utilised by the firm efficiently. Organization strategy is dependent upon the agenda set for work. According to some reliable source, “a Programme is configured of various projects managed in coordination such that its benefits. Programme management also pays particular importance to coordination and ranking of resources across projects, administering links between the overall costs, risks and plans for the program. It is the responsibility of the programme managers that their idea should not micromanage but only leave it to Programme managers. Other factors that may include in the process are knowledge sharing, conflicts and resources and interdependencies.  Few things that should keep in mind are:

  • GOVERNANCE: The role of management involves a system of measurement to access health factors and smooth conduct of the program.
  • ARRANGEMENT: Goals, Objectives and High-level vision must support the program.
  • ASSURANCE: Assure the required standard to be maintained.
  • MANAGEMENT AND IMPROVEMENT: Regularly supervised.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE AND PLANNING: Flexible approach is needed.


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Why should I take Programme management?

The programme manager is responsible for administering several projects. Everything related to its work like the implementation of various strategies. This motive of this training to involve delegates in large scale projects and require to adopt approaches such as Agile, MSP etc. for programmes. The delegate must increase the level of knowledge and improve understanding of programme management domains and apply relevant methods to make programmes successful.

The training also gives knowledge to the delegates of number of aspects of Program Management as well such as MSP® methodologies, APMP, PMP®, Value Management and Risk Management

What are the benefits of Programme management?

The delegate will get confidence so that he/she can increase the efficiency of an organisation and there must be a positive change in the approach to programme management. The delegate will learn how to plan and organise big-scale programmes for implementing business strategies. The delegate will get to know how to manage relationships with stakeholder and other team members effectively. It also provides a chance to develop, inculcate so thus implement project management techniques to bring into line with the strategy of the organisation. The delegate will easily evaluate better and systematic approach for analysing as well as planning project. The primary purpose of the Programme management is to make a delegate to understand the importance of leadership skills and develop effective communication techniques. In the end, Delegate does select and apply suitable methods for project monitoring and controlling as well. Delegate surely achieve strategic goals for an organisation and it helps further in the carrier both income and status wise.

Why choose MSP Training?

MSP training is one of the leading Programme management providers in the UK. Here at MSP, the delegates get a chance to meet the professionals from various other companies world level companies. Here you will get World Class atmosphere, where delegates come from various parts of the World. The Exposure that MSP training provides you will make you feel more confident among your peer. We are working here as per the demand of the High Tech world with courses at best price in the UK. We also create a link between grassroots and hierarchy so that there will be covering all the topics thoroughly. Our trainers also have skills to deliver a terrible problem efficiently. The delegates have imparted the knowledge at MSP from well-trained Instructors who have a vast understanding of the concept. At MSP Training we also organise Interactive sessions while teaching the course. There will be proper take care of the delegate doubts at the end of the lecturers.The training norms set as delegate successful his exam in the very first attempt. After getting training, the delegate is ready to face any situation related to course. Finally, successful completion of the course, you will have the power of MSP Training name on your CV.