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The concept of value management is significant to project, program and portfolio as it demonstrates the strategic objectives of the organisation and set the agenda required to accomplish the desired outcomes for projects and programs. Management of Value (MoV®) across many sectors has emerged from the successful practice of value management over many years. MoV® courses are designed to introduce the delegates to the world of the value management, the overall structure of MoV®, relationship with other management methods and its place in the Cabinet Office Program and Project Management Guidance. The value management courses are intended to help individuals and organisations in achieving the desired value and make optimal utilisation of the available resources by adopting the effective framework and methodology to supplement their current management practices. It comes under Programme Management.

The value management courses include:

  • Establish organisational values by analysing the project or program of an organisation

  • In-depth understanding of MoV® approaches, principles, processes and environment

  • An awareness of the organisation’s objectives as well as the needs and expectations of stakeholders

  • Enhanced collaboration and communication with end users

  • Courses delivered by certified and well-experienced instructors

  • MSP Training offers flexible mode of training at an affordable price

Value Management Courses

MoV® Foundation

The MoV® Foundation course is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge about the overall structure of value management and principles, processes and techniques of MoV®


MoV® Practitioner

The MoV® Practitioner course provides the essential knowledge to the delegates to make optimum utilisation of available resources and enhance the benefits arising from project, program and portfolio


MoV® Foundation & Practitioner

The MoV® Foundation and Practitioner course provides the essential skills and knowledge to the delegates to enhance value within the fulfilment of project and program objectives



Value can be described as a link with satisfying requirements and the available resources required to fulfil those expectations. The concept of value management is introduced to sustain the balance between available resources and satisfied needs and also integrate the views of all stakeholders for the benefit of an organisation. The value judgments of the stakeholder change over the period and the value management helps to achieve the best value by conforming different priorities for all stakeholders. Value management is concerned with improving innovation by adding measurable value, concentrating on goals and functions of the organisation and focusing on the expected outcome of a project.

Value management is a systematic team-based collaborative approach for demonstrating, elevating and achieving value for money. It is considered a powerful tool for achieving the organisation’s objectives, achieve maximum output from limited resources and meet the requirements from the perspective of the stakeholders and clients. The scope of the value management is not restricted only to accomplish better value from the available resources but also to provide additional benefits includes an in-depth understanding of goals and objectives of an organisation, better communication and effective team collaboration. The Management of Value course is designed to deliver an efficient structure for a value-focused management style, get familiar with the organisational environment and the efficient use of the proven methods and processes.

Benefits of value management

The concept of value management clearly describes the definition of value and how individuals perceive the value in the organisation and also provide the knowledge of MoV® tools and framework for making sound decisions throughout the project. Key benefits are:

  • A tool for maintaining the balance between the varying needs of the stakeholders and their expectations.
  • Define the priorities of the project, expressed by value and function, thus improving the communications between all the stakeholders by understanding the limitations, requirements and expectations of all in detail.
  • Deliver business benefits, promote the sustainable business environment and accomplish business requirements and needs.
  • A useful instrument to measure value and to define a value for money by addressing both monetary and non-monetary benefits.
  • Minimize the unnecessary expenditure by reducing waste and inefficiency and also achieve optimum value for money without compromising on quality while satisfying the range of customer requirements.


Why should I take Value Management courses?

The value management courses are intended for delegates who have no prior knowledge and want to gain adequate knowledge about portfolio, project and program levels in the operational environment. The value management courses introduce delegates to the collaborative approaches and effective framework comprising a unique set of techniques, principles and processes of Management of Value (MoV®). The delegates will gain a thorough understanding of objectives and value priorities of an organisation and how MoV® can be applied in the project or program within an operational environment. The value management courses enable the delegates to make better decisions based on relevant and balanced information and promote value culture with a shared understanding of the organisational goals and meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders.

Why Choose MSP Training?

MSP Training ensures that their certified and highly experienced instructors help you to understand the latest concepts and methodology of the value management. The training program helps the delegates in acquiring the skills with a better standard of satisfaction. We offer a flexible mode of training programs as per your requirement such as classroom, online and onsite training courses. Our well-trained support team feels more than happy to handle your queries and resolve within time. Our certified and experienced trainers make the training program more valuable by giving real-world examples to the delegates and build long-lasting relationships with our customers.

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