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Project Management includes the most effective techniques that help the project managers to deliver their projects on time, within the budget, while fulfilling other project constraints as well. Each and every project has a start date and time as it has an end date and an end time. As such the Project Managers using the resources have to fulfil the client requirements in time. It is due to this reason that Project Management becomes essential. Project Management uses certain specified concepts and methodologies for handling different tasks and activities related to the running project. Project management helps in scheduling the activities that take place or the tasks that must be performed for the project to be completed in time.



  • Know about the various frameworks used for Project Management

  • Implement Project Management Techniques at your organisation

  • Get Trained from Certified Project Managers

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Project Management Training Courses

PRINCE2® Training

PRINCE2® is a methodology that can be customized to meet the demands of a project as specified by the client organisation.


PMP® Training

PMP® Certification is one of the most important management certification recognised globally by industries. After training, the delegates will be able to plan, build, implement and monitor project


Agile Project Management Training

Every organisation needs to react effectively to business change whenever it occurs. According to traditional methods, it would be quite late when the business goes for change as that would first


Scrum Training

With passing time, the demand of the customer puts several challenges in front of the developer. Challenges such as technology, Manpower, more efficiency, infrastructure are prominent ones. So, for b...


Change Management

Change management is a term discussed when a group needs change. Sometimes a situation arises where it would be difficult for the Group to look for a person who should take full responsibility on one...


P3O® Training

The P3O® (Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices) helps the individuals or organisations in maintaining an effective delivery support office by providing a single source of information


Management of Portfolios (MoP®) Training

The number of programs and projects has increased rapidly. Thus it has become difficult for the organizations to manage change and project costs.



Managing general business activities and managing projects are two different tasks altogether. Project Management comprises of cost, time, scope and quality. In case these factors are set to values above or below a specific required level, the whole project is liable to be affected.  Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, TOGAF®, ScrumPRINCE2® and AGILE are some of the techniques that are now being used the world over for Project Management.

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What is Project Management Training?

At MSP Training, the delegates will gain skills of managing projects by going through the Project Management Training. The skills ensure that the delegates after completing this training are able to successfully handle and complete the projects as per the schedule and budget. This helps them to better the rapport of their company as well as their own. The training at MSP Training provides an in-depth knowledge of all the concepts related to project management techniques that help and make the delegates capable enough to manage projects effectively. The project managers after this training will have learned how to set the scope of a project and how to realise that scope.Besides, they also learn about risk and quality management. The training will also deliver the concepts to the delegates using which they can know how a project can be most effective for its clients. The delegates are also taught how to customize the projects as per the client's requirements.

Why should I do project management training?

At some point in the career, one has to manage projects whether they are related to IT or are non-IT projects. Project Managers play what needs to be done and when and in which sequence. The delegates lead their teams and projects in their organisation. Thus it becomes essential for the Project Manager to know various methodologies that can be used during the project to handle different situations. Following are some of the methodologies that are used worldwide these days for project management:

PMBOK- It stands for Project Management Body Of Knowledge. Its focus is on common skills of project management. It is a set of guidelines and standards that are targeted towards Project Management. This work of Project Management Institute or PMI offers certifications such as CAPM and PMP

PRINCE2®- PRINCE2® is a certification process, initially developed in the United Kingdom that uses a structured Project Management methodology. Earlier known as PROMPT II it now stands for PRojects In Controlled Environments.

Agile Project Management- A project management approach that best suits complex projects as it can very easily handle the ever-changing needs of the customers to meet their requirements.    

Lean Six Sigma – Project Management approach that is based on the Japanese methodology ‘muda’ wherein all the waste process in the production line are removed. The first to follow this approach was Motorola Inc in the late 1980’s and now almost every big industry in the whole world is using this approach to streamline its processes.  This is applicable to any kind of projects in any industry.

A delegate can choose to learn any of these techniques to be a good project management professional. All these techniques make a professional capable of handling the projects smoothly till the desired objective is not met.

What are the benefits of Project Management Training?

Every organisation has one or another project that is always going on. Each project has different tasks to handle. This makes it essential for the project manager to possess skills that will help him/ her to overcome any hurdles they face. The Project Management Training is all about teaching these skills to the candidates. Once a professional has these skills, he/she become an asset for their organisation as they help the organisation to meet their goals very easily. The training teaches the delegates to handle, organise, schedule and manage the project tasks so as to reduce stress on the entire team. The delegates can go on to learn various project management frameworks that will help them run the projects successfully.

Why choose MSP Training?

At MSP Training we provide all types of frameworks for Project Management such as Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, TOGAF®, AgilePM®, Scrum, and PRINCE2®. The delegates learn these skills from one of the best training provider. The instructors at MSP Training are certified and very well experienced.  This acts as an added advantage for the delegates as they are able to remove their doubts taking examples from the real time situations they have themselves faced.