Management of Portfolios (MoP®) Training

Make better use of investments and resources available for successful delivery of projects and programmes 


The number of programs and projects has increased rapidly. Thus it has become difficult for the organizations to manage change and project costs. While investing for any program or a project various questions arise like Is this investment right for us, Will it help to meet organizational goals, Do we have enough resources to deliver projects successfully? Can this project help to meet the needs of the customers? etc. The organizations all over the world are asking such questions to reduce the overall cost. The funding of projects without the clear understanding of benefits, associated costs and risks are of no use. Management of Portfolios (MoP®) helps to answer all questions related to investment because it is all about investing in a right way and implementing it.

  • MoP® enables organisations to work on right programmes and projects

  • Efficiently make use of available resources and investment

  • Management of Portfolio training covers all levels of MoP®

  • Better Return on Investment and effective use of investment

  • Training is delivered by highly experienced and MoP certified trainers

  • MSP Training delivers training at an affordable price

Management of Portfolios (MoP®) Training Courses

MoP® Foundation

Management of Portfolios (MoP®) helps organisations to manage projects and programmes effectively. At the core of Portfolio Management approach exists the need to find the right programmes.


MoP® Practitioner Upgrade

In MoP® Practitioner upgrade course learn to implement the various MoP® practices and adapt them according to the needs of an organisation. Learn to analyse data of portfolio and documentation


MoP® Foundation & Practitioner

Management of Portfolios Foundation and Practitioner course ensure that delegate gain the knowledge of Portfolio management and the skills required to implement, guide, adapt and alter data.



During this time, some organisations still unable to meet budget constraints and waste their resources as well as efforts by delivering wrong projects. Portfolio Management helps to provide right projects and programmes and enable the organisation to achieve their objectives and targets. MoP® offers a portfolio management framework which can be used in the whole organisation, department, etc. MoP® helps organisations to manage their projects, services, and programmes effectively.

MoP comprises of five flexible principles which contain two cycles and 12 portfolio management practices. MoP helps to ensure that the programmes and projects on which the organisation is working are ranked according to the level of risk and understand how it helps to meet the objectives. It helps to ensure effective and efficient delivery of projects. MoP® makes sure that the Return On Investment (ROI) is maximum from the investment done. MSP Training provides Management of Portfolios (MoP®) Training course to enable delegates to learn about the following levels of MoP®:

Benefits of MoP® Training

  • MoP helps to get better return on investments out of total investments
  • Deliver the projects and programmes successfully
  • Efficient savings and better contribution towards meeting the strategic objectives of an organisation
  • Get better tools and techniques to find and rank the investment over the project
  • Understand about portfolio management and techniques to implement this approach
  • Learn to start the projects and keep its progress
  • Understand to make use of the MoP principles and practices
  • Learn to make better use of resources available and management of associated risks
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of projects

Portfolio  Management Why choose MSP Training?

MSP Training offers MoP® Training courses to the delegates. Our trainers are well qualified and highly experienced MoP® certified. MoP® helps delegates to expand their knowledge about investing in a better way to deliver the projects successfully. During this training get a better understanding of MoP® principles and practices to achieve success. Make use of learned techniques into your organisation. We provide 24x7 technical and customer support. MSP Training offers these courses at an affordable price.

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Components of MoP

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