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The P3O® (Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices) helps the individuals or organisations in maintaining an effective delivery support office by providing a single source of information. It introduces delegates to various processes, principles and tools required to deliver the projects or programmes within an organisation. The P3O® training program is designed to provide essential knowledge and skills required to develop, establish and maintain suitable business support structures. During the course, the delegates will gain an understanding of the different P3O® models, the difference between the requirements of programmes, portfolio and project environment and value of P3O® including business case and funding models. The P3O® is aligned to PRINCE2®, MoR®, MoP® and MSP® and ensure effective governance of programme, portfolio and project management. MSP Training offers P3O® course which includes P3O® Foundation and PractitionerP3O® Practitioner Upgrade and P3O® Re-Registration courses. 


  • Successful delivery of project outputs

  • Establish and maintain a delivery support office

  • Improved corporate governance of the organisation

  • Provides panoramic view of all projects and programmes

  • Improved resource utilization and reduced mobilization timescales

P3O® Training Courses

P3O® Foundation

Various techniques have evolved over the recent years that have helped project managers in maintaining their projects. Frameworks such as Lean Six Sigma, TOGAF®, PMP®, and PRINCE2® etc. are quite


P3O® Practitioner Upgrade

During the recent years many techniques such as Lean Six Sigma, TOGAF® and PRINCE2® have come up that help the project managers to maintain the projects in their organisations. The latest addition to...


P3O® Re-Registration

These days an important field that is on the rise is Project Management. Many methodologies have come up that include different ways and methods to manage business projects. These include some of the...


P3O® Foundation & Practitioner

The P3O® Foundation and Practitioner course provides essential skills and knowledge needed for the development of a governance structure or enabling management environment for all kinds of change in...



In today’s highly competitive business environment, changes are taking place in the organisations very rapidly. Those organisations are more likely to survive and flourish who have changed themselves through strategic control and effective leadership. The P3O® training is one type of project management qualification designed to facilitate the consistent business change across various structures of organisations.

Why should I take P3O® Training Program?

The P3O® courses enable you to ensure consistent delivery of projects through the efficient use of resources and enhance decision making, visibility, accountability and accountability of the organisation. Develop your capacity to fulfil the strategic and performance requirements of the organisation via project and operational business units. The training program helps you to deliver the projects and programmes within quality, time and cost constraints and also connects the delivery arm and policymakers of the organisation. You will also learn the techniques and strategies to choose right projects and programmes and ensure the transparency and consistency at all levels.   

Benefits of P3O® Training Program

  • Whether you are running individual project or programmes of projects, P3O® helps you to design and maintain an effective support structure for a portfolio of projects within an organisation.
  • Establish best practices for the organisation by capturing the right information and then processing, storage and archiving the quality information.
  • Helps the organisation to achieve their business objectives and improve better decision making on factors including risk management and optimum utilization of available resources.
  • Design, manage and implement a Program office structure effectively


Why Choose MSP Training?

MSP Training ensures that their highly certified and well-experienced instructors help you to understand the latest concepts and framework of the Business Systems Development Training. The training program helps the delegates in acquiring the great skills with a better standard of satisfaction. We offer a flexible mode of training programs as per your requirement such as classroom, online and onsite training courses. Our well-trained support team feels more than happy to handle your queries and resolve within time. Our qualified and experienced instructors make the training program more valuable by giving real-world examples to the delegates and build long-lasting relationships with our customers.

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