BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Change

Bringing and handling organisational change


Change is what occurs throughout the world and organisations are not left untouched by change. Organisational Change is different from the change in our daily lives. It effects the organisation and its members as a whole. Organisational Change is something which has to be handled very carefully. Sometimes, change may even effect the business or organisation in a way unwanted by the organisation i.e. adversely. This happens when professionals are either ready for change or cannot handle it properly.The BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Change course at MSP Training makes the delegates fully aware of the concepts of Business Change such that they are able to manage change in real-time situations.

  • Manage Change using latest tools and techniques

  • Understand What is Organisational Change along with its Principals

  • Learn about the different kinds of Business Change

  • Acquire, Deploy and Ensure successful change solutions in your organisation.


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BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Change course does not have prerequisites.


The BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Change is an entry-level course for those who wish to know about the process and techniques used in bringing about business change. The course would be ideal for Project and System Managers.


During the course the delegates will learn about the following concepts:

  • Business and IS strategy
  • Business improvement definition
  • Business change design and implementation
  • Benefits management and realisation

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This course that deals with Organisational Change discuss the concepts involved therein in complete detail.It goes on to describe the prototypes and methodologies used to handle situations when a change occurs. It aims at using IT solutions to handle business change. These days any organisation that is not taking the help of Information Technology is certain to lag behind others. Yielding profits without the use of IT these days is something farfetched. The BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Change aims at those professionals who have a knack for bringing about business change in their organisation and understand that without change progress is not possible.

It is one of the courses of the knowledgebase module that can be taken to complete the International Diploma in Business Analysis Certification.


  • Business Change Principles
    • The distinction between IT projects, business change projects and the IT projects enabled with business change
    • How does IT drive and enable change?
    • The level of change in an organisation
    • The peculiarity between improving business operations and improving business information
    • IT as a core skill and the consequences for the outsourcing corporate model
    • The business change lifecycle
    • Business change life cycle - Its Stages
    • The identification, analysis and management of stakeholders
    • The business, project and external stakeholders
    • Stakeholders - roles and responsibilities
      • Sponsor/Senior Responsible Officer
      • Business Analyst Programme Manager
      • Project Manager
      • Business Change Manager
      • Business Actor
      • Developer
    • Aligning Business and IT
      • Supporting the organisation with the External Environment, the Idea, Task, Aims, Approach and Tactics, and the Enterprise Architecture
      • Business Environments for Organisations - External and Internal
        • Why understand external environment influences?
        • The internal organisational capability and the importance of analysing it
        • The importance of understanding culture
      • Corporate Cultures
      • National Cultures
      • The Culture Effects
      • Corporate and IT governance - Their significance to benefits management and risk management
      • Enterprise Architecture and its Elements
    • Definition of Business Improvement
      • Investigating the business situation: rationale and techniques
      • Holistic approach and systems thinking
      • Gap analysis: purpose and approach
      • Business requirements elicitation and analysis
      • The contents of the business case
        • Options
        • Costs
        • Benefits
        • Risks
        • Impacts
        • Decisions
      • Stakeholder responsibilities and the business case
      • The business case lifecycle
      • Programme definition
        • The change programme
        • The relationship between programmes and projects
        • The role of the programme office
  • Business Change Design
    • Aspects of organisational change
      • The organisation structure: boundaries and relationships
      • Organisation performance measurement
    • Aspects of people change
      • Defining roles and jobs
      • Defining required skills and competencies
      • Managing performance of individuals
      • Communications planning
    • Aspects of process change
      • The difference between functional and process views
      • Business process elements
      • ‘As is’ and ‘To be’ business processes
      • Modelling tasks
      • Improving business processes
    • Analysing and Modelling Information
      • Protyping Information management
      • Various kinds of information and their degrees
      • Prototyping Information and the representation of business rules
    • Aspects of information technology
      • Systems development lifecycles: bespoke and off the shelf software solutions
      • Architecture and service management concerns
    • Business Change Implementation
      • Planning the acquisition, deployment and acceptance
      • Finding the way out
        • Pros and cons of customized deployment
        • Advantages and Disadvantages of off the shelf software solutions
        • Business acceptance testing
      • Deploying the solution
        • Roles required to deploy business change
        • Approaches to deploying business change
        • The change process – unfreeze, transition, refreeze
      • Safeguarding appraisal recognition
        • Emotional influence of alterations
        • The cycle of learning
        • Recognising the forces that help and thwart change
      • Reviewing the change
        • Purpose of post-implementation review
        • The distinction between PIR and benefits review
      • Benefits Management and Realisation
        • Benefits management in the business change lifecycle
        • Organising profits
        • Investment appraisal Techniques
        • Benefits and the Balanced Business Scorecard, CSFs and KPIs
        • Roles and responsibilities in benefits management
        • The purpose, conduct and outcomes of a benefits review
        • Benefits realisation: significance and challenges

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