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In 1989 CCTA adopted a version of a methodology known as PROMPT II (Project Resource Organisation Management Planning Techniques) to manage their projects. The CCTA later renamed it as PRINCE (PRompt II IN the CCTA Environment). Later it came to be known as PRojects IN Controlled Environment. The next update of PRINCE® arrived in 2009 and was known as PRINCE2®. PRINCE2® uses a structured approach and best processes to deliver better projects and project outputs. The PRINCE2® methodology helps the organisation to keep track of the project status at various stages continuously. PRINCE2® has two levels which a delegate can certify  - The Foundation and the Practitioner. Only after clearing the Foundation exam can the delegate sit for the Practitioner course. While PRINCE2® Foundation provides the delegates with the fundamentals of project management in a controlled environment, the PRINCE2® Practitioner course goes into further details of what is learnt in the Foundation part.  If a delegate enrols for a PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course, the contents of both the courses i.e. Foundation as well as Practitioner are covered together.

  • Now with PRINCE2® 2017 Update

  • Understand in depth about the various concepts of PRINCE2® Project Management approach

  • Learn to tailor PRINCE2® according to the requirements of the project as well as organization

  • In this course cover both level of PRINCE2® certification that is PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner

  • Get understanding of basic terminology of PRINCE2® and also learn to implement it in actual

  • Accredited by PeopleCert


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Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.


Pre Course Material

It provides some basic knowledge about the course before training.


Key Learning Points

Clear and concise objectives to guide delegates through the course.


Exam(s) included

Exams are provided, as part of the course. Obtaining certification is dependant on passing these exams



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The delegates do not need to possess any kind of project management skills before attending this course. However having such knowledge beforehand will be an added advantage. During the course, the delegates will be first introduced to the Foundation course. Only on clearing the exam for the Foundation course, they will move ahead with the Practitioner course syllabus.


PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course is for managers or team leads. Analysts, Project Engineers and Software Developers also can enrol for this course.This course also aims towards professionals involved in the design, development and delivery of projects using the PRINCE2® methodology.


  • Project Manager – Roles and Responsibilities
  • Effective Project Control
  • Using communication skills to bring together customers and suppliers
  • Making use of the PRINCE2® methodology to manage risks and quality and monitor project changes
  • By using PRINCE2® provide a better beginning and finish the projects
  • Break down larger projects into smaller ones to efficiently manage the projects
  • Understand how PRINCE2® principles, techniques, themes and processes are related

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PRINCE2® is a methodology that is used to deliver efficient project outputs within budget and time. This it does by splitting bigger modules into smaller ones and helping the professionals focus on the important parts of the projects. At MSP Training, the delegates are provided with both levels of PRINCE2® within a single course thus helping the delegates understand PRINCE2® methodology very thoroughly. During this course, the delegates understand the basic and the core concepts of this methodology in detail. Afterwards, they also learn ways to implement their learning within the organisation they work for. The current course is being provided by MSP Training as updated by AXELOS to the latest 2017 version. All the PRINCE2® courses and their respective exams follow the pattern as per PRINCE2® 2017. The course syllabus of PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner is also updated in accordance with the latest update of PRINCE2® by AXELOS. The course provides delegates practical knowledge about the PRINCE2® methodology so that it can be implemented in an organisation in any project environment. Almost all aspects of PRINCE2® are covered in the periphery of this PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course.




PRINCE2® Foundation

AXELOS has removed the configuration management topic from PRINCE2® starting with PRINCE2® 2017 update. Exam questions now focus more on the implementation of PRINCE2®  on the projects rather than just on the theory part. The number of questions in the new update of PRINCE2® have also been reduced. In the new update of PRINCE2®, the questions of reasoning have also been removed.

PRINCE2® Practitioner

 A candidate can sit for the PRINCE2® Practitioner certification only after having cleared the PRINCE2® Foundation certification.

The  exam for the PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner is structured as below:

  • Reasoning and multiple assertion questions which were there in the 2009 update have now been removed.
  • The exam is a Multiple Choice Question type exam carrying 68 questions
  • The delegates need to secure 55% or 38 marks out of 60 to clear the exam.
  • The exam duration of PRINCE2® Practitioner exam is 150 minutes.

This PRINCE2® exam is an Open Book Exam in which only the PRINCE2® Manual is allowed.


  • Introduction to PRINCE2®
    • An overview of Project Management
    • PRINCE2® - Basic Concepts and Terminology
    • PRINCE2® - An Introduction
    • Project Management Approaches
    • Prince2® - A History
    • Project Environment and the Scope of PRINCE2®
    • Defining Projects
    • PRINCE2® methodology  - It’s Necessity
    • PRINCE2® themes, principles and processes – Their relation to each other
    • Customise PRINCE2® into Project environment
    • PRINCE2® - The Six aspects project management
  • PRINCE2® Principles
    • Continuity in Justification of business
    • Learn from experience
    • Roles and their accountabilities in Project Management
    • Stage Management
    • Exception Management
    • Product Focus
    • Modify to suit the project environment
  • PRINCE2® Process Model
    • The Different Stages
      • Starting
      • Initiating
      • Directing
      • Controlling
      • Maintaining
      • Managing
      • Closing

Seven PRINCE2® themes

  • Business case themes
    • Business Case Theme – its Motive
    • Output and outcome
    • Project Benefits
    • Business case for varying projects
    • PRINCE2® - An approach to business case
    • Roles and accountabilities in business case theme
  • Organisation theme
    • Aim of organisation theme
    • Introducing the Programme and project
    • PRINCE2® approach to organisation
    • Project Manager – His Role
    • Communication management strategy
  • Quality
    • Aim of quality theme
    • PRINCE2® approach to quality
    • Quality method
    • Role of Quality Theme in a review team
  • Plans
    • Aim of plan theme
    • Level of plan
    • Project plan
    • Roles and responsibilities in plan theme
  • Risk
    • Risk theme – It’s uses
    • Risk terms
    • Risk management
    • Using PRINCE2® for risk management
    • Risk – It’s causes and effects
    • Risk budget
    • Parts and accountabilities in Risk theme
  • Change
    • Change theme and it’s uses
    • Types of issues
    • Decision making
    • Roles and accountabilities in change theme
  • Progress
    • Progress theme uses
    • The Six tolerance areas according to level
    • PRINCE2® approach to progress
    • Using management stages for control
    • Report progress
    • Role and accountabilities in progress theme
  • Management products
    • Accept project product
    • Achieve PID objectives
    • Method for measurement of delivery benefits
    • Evaluate the project
    • Improve future performance
  • PRINCE2® Foundation exam
  • PRINCE2® Practitioner exam


Course Name Dates Duration Price
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner 22/10/2018 Southampton
5 days
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner 22/10/2018 London
5 days
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner 22/10/2018 Manchester
5 days
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner 22/10/2018 Birmingham
5 days
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner 22/10/2018 Reading
5 days
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner 22/10/2018 Edinburgh
5 days
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner 22/10/2018 Milton Keynes
5 days
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner 22/10/2018 Cambridge
5 days
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner 26/10/2018 London
5 days
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner 29/10/2018 London
5 days