Scrum Master Certification

Project management skills to handle projects efficiently using scrum methodology


Customer's demand sets various challenges in front of the developer with passing the time. Challenges such as technology, efficiency, infrastructure are prominent ones. The planning and approach should be like that the execution goes Smoothly. Scrum methodology frames in such a way that while dealing with problems, it makes you proficient in dealing with them. The method is easy to adapt as well as implement. To deal with the complexity of a particular project, gain scrum skills.
The Scrum Master is a person who understands all the terms and methodology in detail. Moreover, he also works under the environment where other scrum masters managed projects efficiently. If he wants to lead his team at a faster pace, then he has to use best practices agile and scrum to better implementation.
Our Scrum Master Certification course gets its inspiration by powerful, agile business environments. Initially, by gaining the following abilities, one can become the great Scrum Master:
Sprint Planning: To understand the scrum methodology the project should be split into sprints. One must fully understand how to divide the whole project into sprints.
Understanding role: If one needs success as a master, one must be clear with one’s job role.

  • Scrum Master skills to mange the stakeholder efficiently

  • Get better with time management and Resilient approach at work place

  • Solve complex problems during project execution with scrum methodology


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Exam(s) included

Exams are provided, as part of the course. Obtaining certification is dependant on passing these exams



Delegates will get certification of completion at the end of the course.


Key Learning Points

Clear and concise objectives to guide delegates through the course.


There are no as such requirements to enrol in this Scrum certification.


The Scrum master Certification designed for the following professionals:

  • Scrum Team
  • Functional Managers
  • Project Managers


The motive of the course is to make you aware of:

  • Get knowledge on Agile and its emergence within time
  • Working with Scrum
  • Get an understanding of the Scrum principles, implementation, roles, ceremonies and rules

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The Scrum Master Certification course includes the terminologies such as agile principles, forward planning, product backlog items working with efficient teams, and scrum artefacts. Our instructors are Scrum certified and experienced too. Everyone recognizes you as a scrum master after successful completion of the course.



Agile Principles Overview

  • Define project management
  • Explain Lean approach
  • What are principles of Agile and Lean?
  • Define Process Control Model
  • Analysis of incremental and iterative methods
  • Functioning of efficient Teams
  • Building efficient teams
  • Dedicated cross-functional teams
  • what is Self-Organization?
  • Concept of T-shaped people

An Overview of Product Backlog and User Stories

  • What are characteristics of Product Backlog?
  • Requirement of user stories
  • Estimation of Forwarding Planning
  • Discuss Poker Configuration
  • An Introduction to Product Backlog Items
  • what are update backlog items?
  • Sharing of user stories

An overview of Scrum

  • Define role of Scrum Master
  • what are services?
  • Map traditional roles to Scrum
  • What are Scrum Master services to the Product Owner

Define Sprint planning

  • Understanding Team capacity
  • Assist the sprint planning meeting
  • Analysis of Sprint backlog
  • Understanding sprint burndown chart
  • What are Scrum Events and Artifacts?

An Introduction to Sprint

  • Define Sprint planning
  • Daily Scrum Meeting Requirements

The Sprint Review

  • An Introduction to Sprint
  • Understanding team work in a sprint
  • Using tools for the Scrum Master
  • Define Sustainable Pace
  • What are Scrum Roles and Responsibilities?
  • Responsibilities of Scrum Master and Product Owner
  • What is Scrum Project Community?
  • What are traditional roles in Scrum?
  • Conduction of Scrum Meetings

Planning and Tracking Progress

  • An Overview of velocity
  • What is planned Structure Communication?
  • Need to scale Scrum
  • Scaling the product backlog
  • Program Scaling



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