Scrum Product Owner Training

Project management skills to handle projects efficiently using scrum methodology


With passing time, the demand of the customer puts several challenges in front of the developer. Challenges such as technology, efficiency, infrastructure are prominent ones. So, for better execution, the planning and approach should be like that the execution goes smoothly. Scrum methodology frames in such a way that while dealing major problems, it makes you proficient in dealing with them. The method is easy to adapt as well as implement. To deal with the complexity of a particular project, gain scrum skills.

The Scrum Product owner is a person who understands all the terms and methodology in detail. Furthermore, he also works under the environment where other Scrum product owners managed projects efficiently. If he wants to lead his team at a faster pace, then he has to use best practices of agile and scrum in order to get better implementation.

Our Scrum Product Owner Certification course gets its inspiration by successful agile business environments. Initially, by gaining the following skills one can become the successful Scrum Product Owner.

Follows Sprint Planning: In order to gain the productivity of the project, the project division should be done into sprints. One must fully understand how to do division of the whole project.

Understanding of role: If one needs success as a master, one must be clear with one’s job role.

  • Learn how to effectively plan in business

  • Best Learning and student friendly atmosphere

  • Roles and Responisbilties of Scrum Product Owner


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Key Learning Points

Clear and concise objectives to guide delegates through the course.


Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.


As there is no condition required for this course, but if someone has knowledge of Scrum principles, then he would definitely have an upper edge over others delegates


 The Scrum Product Owner course is designed for following categories:

  • Business Analysts
  • All Stakeholders of project
  • Business analysts of particular programme
  • All Sponsors category
  • Product managers


  • What are Scrum methodology and principles?
  • How one can Analyse the product vision?
  • Where is the need of expansion of backlogs?
  • Detailed Understanding of agile framework
  • What are the roles of a Product Owner?

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Learn skills in order to lead one’s team using the best practices of scrum efficiently. This course covers concepts such as agile principles, forward planning,  product vision, product backlog items and product owner roles. Our instructors are Scrum certified and experienced ones.



Introductory part of Scrum

  • Define core Scrum
  • Learn history of Scrum as well as Agenda
  • What is the need of Scrum and how it works?
  • Mention all Scrum Benefits
  • Make yourself ready for  the Product Owner Role
  • Aware yourself with Responsibilities
  • Why do we feel the need of Product Owner?
  • Framework and roles of scrum

The Product Vision                               

  • Product Vision overview
  • What are various techniques and its benefits
  • Define queries
  • What is the expectation from the Product Owner?

The Summary of Backlogs

  • Why user stories, roles and backlogs got the expansion?
  • How one can maintain backlogs?
  • Why we need Product Owner to plan meeting?
  • What are Scrum framework and its roles
  • Proper Review and Organise of the product backlog
  • What is the difference between the failure of upfront thinking and emerging suppliers?

Summary of Agile

  • Thorough Introduction to Agile
  • What is Kano analysis?
  • Define Theme screening and Theme scoring?
  • A summary of Innovation Games and priority poker
  • Analysis of Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum and Sprint Review
  • Ordering Release Burndown and Progressing Release Plans

The Product Owner Role

  • Analysis of the Scrum Communication Model
  • Working with the team
  • Story Writing Principles

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