CISM Training

Designing, assessing and managing Information Security


Accredited by ISACA, CISM Training is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge about various practices used in information security. During the training, our instructor will help the candidates to learn about managing, designing and administrating IT security at their workplace. This training includes CISM Certified Information Security Manager course.

  • Learn how to design, manage and access information security programs

  • Gain valuable certification to explore more opportunities in career

  • Delivered by highly experienced and certified instructors

  • Achieve skills and knowledge required for secure information system

  • Key learning points and tutor support

  • We offer course in luxury venues with all the facilities needed for better learning experience

CISM Training Courses

CISM Certified Information Security Manager

Securing organisation’s confidential data is always an essential task to work upon. CISM Certified Information Security Manager is a 4-day course which is designed to provide in-depth knowledge regar...



In CISM Training, the delegates will learn how to define architecture, design and manage the organisational security by implementing various methods or techniques. We ensure that the candidate has gained relevant knowledge and understanding of the CISM concepts so that they can clear the exam in the first attempt. Also, they will learn how to build and maintain the link between information security programs and goals or objectives of the business.

We provide flexible training program including online, onsite and classroom training. Our trainer ensures that the delegates have gone through each and every concept thoroughly with the help of real-world examples. Our training programs are conducted in luxury venues with all the facilities to make the learning experience awesome. Our help and support team is available 24*7 to handle the queries of the delegates.

What are the benefits of CISM Training?

  • With CISM Training, the delegates can improve the information security management skills
  • This training will help them to learn and implement effective measures to secure the system
  • The candidates will be able to work as a CISM professional within the organisation
  • Open up the pool of opportunities
  • Along with individuals, the organisations can ensure the fast-paced business environments
  • The organisations can feel secure with CISM professionals as they can easily identify and resolve the threats

How CISM supports organisations?

  • It helps to identify the problem and amend it according to the need of the organisation
  • It provides an effective link between the information security and success of enterprise
  • It helps in aligning the objectives of the company along with securing the security programs
  • CISM professionals are responsible for the security-related issues in the organisation. Hence, they maintain and monitor the processes continuously to ensure the confidentiality and integrity in the business

 How to become a CISM certified professional?

To become a CISM certified professional, the delegates will need to have the following:

  • Complete training with us
  • Successfully complete CISM examination
  • Some prior experience of working in the field of information security

 Why choose MSP Training?

MSP Training is one of the leading training providers of CISM Certifications in the UK. Our instructors are certified and experienced, and the content delivered is of high quality. We ensure that the delegates go through each and every concept of the subject. With our CISM Training, the delegates can acquire the skills and knowledge required to work as CISM Professional. The candidates can also implement the learnt concepts within the organisation. MSP Training is trusted by many professionals and industry leading brands. Our help and support team is available 24*7 to handle the queries to the delegates that they may face. We offer flexible learning programs like online, on-site and classroom courses. We aim to build long-lasting relationships with our customers by providing quality services.

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