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Java is the most widely used computer programming language specifically designed for client-server web applications and allows application developers to write code once and run anywhere. Sun Microsystems developed the Java in 1995. The Java training program is designed to provide knowledge about features and principles of Java object-oriented programming. The course covers the important concepts of Java such as Java virtual machine which offers a fundamental basis for platform independence, Syntax language that is similar to C language and automated storage management techniques include garbage collection.

  • Platform independent and object-oriented

  • Easy to write, compile and debug

  • Programs automatically adapt to specific locales and displayed in the appropriate language

  • Enhance language diversity and large active user community

  • Courses delivered by certified and well-experienced instructors

  • MSP Training offers flexible mode of training at an affordable price

Java Training Courses

Java programming

Java is a reliable and secure computing platform and an object-oriented language for creating and running software


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Most of the activities we perform on daily basis involve many small tasks. The computer programming helps in streamlining the tasks which involve a lot of human intervention, are time-consuming and repetitive. This also helps in automating the processes, reduce the human errors and provide a better experience to the end users. It has introduced many new features to solve the fundamental problems which the previous language could not solve.

Important terms used in Java Programming

Classes: Concept of a class is supported by all object-oriented programming languages and provides a template for objects that share common characteristics.

Objects: These are described by the non-static field definitions of the class and considered as a collection of data values.

Inheritance: It is an important component of object-oriented programming languages and allow classes to include properties of other classes and helps in reusing already defined the code.

Interfaces: Only single inheritance is supported by Java. It provides the concept of interfaces to inherit properties from more than one source. Classes provide the implementation of those methods that are declared in the multiple interfaces due to which multiple inheritances occur.

Encapsulation: It is considered as one of the fundamental principles of object-oriented programming and describes the ability of an object to hide its methodology and data from rest of the world. With this function, one can create a reusable code to restrict access to features that are declared public.

Polymorphism: Polymorphism means writing the same method in different forms. It enables the programmers to perform various actions and return different values.

Principles of Java Programming

There are mainly five principles in the creation of the Java language:

  • It must be portable and architecture-neutral.
  • It must be interpreted, dynamic and threaded.
  • It must be simple, familiar and object-oriented.
  • It must execute with high performance.
  • It must be secure and robust.

Key Features of the Java programming

Portability: It allows the programmers to create simple programs that move smoothly across systems. So it is considered as portable across all platforms.  

Simplicity: To develop server applications, it is known as the simpler language than most other languages.

Automatic storage management: When the program is running, Java virtual machine executes all memory allocation and deallocation. It also involves the process of garbage collection.

Strong Typing: it provides a safe and reasonable solution to interlanguage calls between applications and also combines Java and SQL calls within the same application.

No Pointers: Language syntax is quite similar to C language but unable to support direct pointers. It does not allow direct access to pointers and minimizes any possibility of memory leaks and corruption.

Exception Handling: Objects are considered as Java exceptions and allow developers to confirm which exceptions can be thrown with the help of methods in any specific class.

Flexible Namespace: It provides an effective structure for multiple name services to be federated. Java describes places and classes within a hierarchical framework that demonstrates the domain namespace of the Internet.

Security: Java virtual machine specifications are designed to examine the security of Java binary code.

Standards for connectivity to relational databases: Java Database Connectivity enables the users to view and manipulate data in relational databases.

Benefits of Java Programming

Java is the most popular computing programming language specifically designed for use in the distributed environment of the internet. It is considered to be useful for web-based content, scripting, web and mobile applications.

  • It provides higher portability and functionality as programs can run on desktops and embedded systems which are written in one platform.
  • It offers network support, multithreading and multimedia being simple, secure and object-oriented.
  • It is more stable and predictable by enabling cross-platform
  • It provides worldwide internet solutions due to its cross-platform capabilities, security features, and robustness.
  • It allows the programmers to move easily from one computer system to another and create modular programs efficiently.

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MSP Training ensures that their well trained and highly experienced instructors help you to understand the latest concepts and terminologies of Java Programming. This helps the delegates in acquiring the skills with a better standard of satisfaction. We offer a flexible mode of training programs as per your requirement such as classroom, online and onsite training courses. Our well-trained support team feels more than happy to handle your queries and resolve within time. Our certified and experienced trainers make the training program more valuable by giving real-world examples to the delegates and build long-lasting relationships with our customers.



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