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During the training at MSP Training, the delegates will get proficient in installation, management, administration, and deployment of the Linux Kernel along with debugging and booting. We ensure the delegates attain all those skills required to become a Linux administrator. Further, the delegates will understand the various commands of the Linux operating system. The courses also introduce the various shells that are used by the Linux operating system. The three courses that form a part of the training are Linux System Administration Part I, Linux System Administration Part II, and Linux System Administrator (RHCSA) Rapid Track Course.

  • Linux system Administering Part I: Linux System Administering Part I target all those professionals who wish to attain Linux system administration skills. The focus of the course primarily lies to get delegate ready for the core Linux administrations jobs and services. Linux System Administration Part I is considered as the base level course for the delegates who want to be Linux Administrators.
  • Linux System Administering Part II: In Linux System Administering Part II, the delegates are tasked with learning concepts such as handling file systems, S E Linux (Security Enhanced Linux), firewalling, security, partitioning, and troubleshooting. In the Linux System Administering Part II course delegates learn all the contents from minor to major in greater depth than in the previous Part I of the course.
  • Linux system Administrator Fast track Course: This course is prepared for all those professionals who are already working as administrators but want to learn further required skills in the administration field. This certification also helps them climb up the professional ladder and satisfy their desire to lead.
  • Delegates will gain Linux Administraton skills

  • Get deeper into Linux commands, functions and commands

  • MSP Training Courses are prepared and delivered by certified and experienced instructors

  • MSP Training offers this course at Best price in the United Kingdom


Linux name is used for operating system distributions which are built over the Linux kernel. The defining component first released in September 1991. Linus Torvalds invented the system. The Free Software Foundation uses this name to recognise operating system family so that it should be cleared in addition to kernels but also numerous utilities and libraries. In the beginning, the purpose was just to use for personal computers, but its features got too much popularity to use in other platforms than any other operating system. The maximum Android smartphones are installed with this operating system. Linux also leads as an operating system on various servers. The Linux kernel-based Chrome OS is also installed in Chromebook which is majorly used in the United States and as per one study, it accounts 20% sales in the United States. Apart from smartphones, many tablets come inbuilt Linux operating system. Today, it brings a lot of revolution in the technology world. From Embedded systems to Supercomputers, all are running on the Linux operating system. It is also been used in Server installation for e.g: LAMP.

What are the specialized uses of the Linux?

As the Linux operating system is built with many specifications such as customizability, flexibility, and open source nature. This leads to its maximum demand in Home theatre PC, Digital security, In Space and for Education Purpose as well.


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Why should I take this course?

Linux is an open source operating system that is most used by the organisations as compared to other operating systems. The delegates learn, during this course, ways to configure, manage and secure their organisation and their personal systems as well. Having achieved the certification the delegates get to work as Linux administrator within reputed organisations. As Linux also supports shell programming, the delegates learn about Linux system programming structures and also control flow statements

Why choose MSP Training?

MSP training is one of the leading Linux course providers in the UK. Here at MSP Training, the delegates will learn from the certified professional instructors. This will build confidence among them to work in their respective companies and lead from the front. We are working as per the needs of the high tech world where basics are scrutinized with the maximum care. Our instructors are well trained to convey or deal with technical topics in an easy manner. At MSP training, we make sure that the delegates receive the best support during the training. Apart from this, we offer best course prices in the industry as we value for the delegate’s money. In the end of your successful Microsoft Publisher course, you will have the power of the MSP Training name on your CV. The CV plays a crucial role in the earning and reputation of the delegate.