Microsoft Excel Masterclass


The Microsoft Excel course is designed to introduce the various features of the Excel Spreadsheet to the delegates. The training introduces the delegates to the essential knowledge and skill which are required to create a workbook in Excel. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet plays a vital role an organisation where everyone uses a spreadsheet for managing their data. The Microsoft Excel course will help the delegates to create the spreadsheet by using different tools and advanced features of Excel. The course enables the delegates to analyse the data in a spreadsheet and also apply filters in the sheets. The training provides the latest feature, tools and functions of Microsoft Excel Masterclass.

  • Learn to create a workbook and spreadsheet

  • Training is provided by a qualified trainer

  • Apply formulas, use tools for data analysis and filters

  • Get to know about charts and graphs

  • Import and export data from/to other spreadsheets


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Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.



Delegates will get certification of completion at the end of the course.



Courseware will also be provided to the delegates so that they can revise the course after the training.


There are no prerequisites, hence everyone can attend the Microsoft Excel Masterclass training course. The delegates should have basic information of computer and windows.


The Microsoft Excel Masterclass training is designed for those who want to analyse data and present it in an efficient manner


  • Get to know about formulas and functions
  • Understand the functions of data analysis in a spreadsheet
  • How to use slicers to manipulate PivotTables
  • Understand about the PivotTable Wizard
  • How to create macros
  • Viewing and editing macro VBA code
  • Creating a dropdown list
  • Delegates will learn how to create connections to external data sources
  • Get to know how to use the power map to create visualisations of geo-data

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Throughout the Microsoft Excel Masterclass training delegates will enhance their productivity, accuracy and efficiency in business as the course provides knowledge about all advanced Excel features which are very helpful for delegates to manage their data. The delegates will also get familiar with the function, templates, formatting, formulas, arrays, charts and graphs available in Microsoft Excel. By attending this training, delegates will also increase their speed of using Microsoft Excel, and raise their productivity in the workplace. At the end of Microsoft Excel, training delegates will have complete knowledge of function and tools and they will able to create a better spreadsheet with powerful Excel tools.







What Excel looks like

Starting Excel from the desktop

Understanding the Excel start screen

The Status Bar

The workbook screen

The quick access toolbar

Shortcut menus

Adding commands to the QAT

Launching dialogue boxes

Performing Calculations

Create worksheet formulas

Insert functions

Reuse formulas and functions

Organising Worksheet Data

Apply basic sorting to a data range

Advanced sorting

Summarise data with subtotals

Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks

Use links and external references

Use 3-D references

Consolidate data

Common Math Functions

Sum & average

Future value

Minimum, trigonometry, degrees, & exponentials

Logarithms, radians, square roots

Formatting a Worksheet

Apply text formats and number format

Align cell contents

Apply basic conditional formatting

Apply styles and themes

Create and use templates

Sharing and Protecting Workbooks

Sharing and protecting workbooks

Protect worksheets and workbooks

Working with Functions

Work with ranges

Work with logical functions

Work with text functions

Work with date & time functions

Use specialised functions

Working with Lists

Sort and filter data

Query data with database functions

Outline and subtotal data

Analyzing Data

Create and modify tables

Apply advanced conditional formatting

Apply intermediate conditional formatting

Visualizing Data with Charts

Create charts

Modify and format charts

Use advanced chart features

Using Data Tables, Slicers and Functions

Data tables and slicers

Analysis with Excel functions and data validation

Working with PivotTables

Introduction of PivotTables

Creating PivotTables from a list or a single table

Creating PivotTables using workbook relationships

Filtering, grouping and summarising data in a PivotTable

Creating PivotTables with external data model connections

Using sets, calculated fields and calculated items

Slicers and timelines in PivotTables

Power View Reports

Creating power view reports

Using tables, cards and matrices

Charting in power view reports

Mapping geo-data

Power view options

Large Data Functions

Correlate, count, GCD

If, Info, LCM, Median

Mode, slope, standard deviation

Random numbers, rounding up & down

Matrix Math Operations

Matrix math & complex calculations


Create PivotCharts

Creating decoupled PivotCharts

Shaping and filtering the data using PivotCharts


Course Name Dates Duration Price
Microsoft Excel Masterclass 07/08/2020 London
1 Day
Microsoft Excel Masterclass 07/08/2020 Cardiff
1 Day
Microsoft Excel Masterclass 07/08/2020 Maidstone
1 Day
Microsoft Excel Masterclass 14/08/2020 Manchester
1 Day
Microsoft Excel Masterclass 14/08/2020 Belfast
1 Day
Microsoft Excel Masterclass 14/08/2020 Newcastle
1 Day
Microsoft Excel Masterclass 21/08/2020 Bristol
1 Day
Microsoft Excel Masterclass 21/08/2020 Edinburgh
1 Day
Microsoft Excel Masterclass 21/08/2020 Sheffield
1 Day
Microsoft Excel Masterclass 28/08/2020 Reading
1 Day