Microsoft Visio Masterclass


Microsoft Visio is one of the most popular diagramming software that empowers diagramming, data visualisation and process modelling in a familiar interface. Microsoft Visio Masterclass intends to provide the delegates with the tips and tricks to enhance the productivity. It allows the delegates to create various diagrams with the help of shapes and visuals. This course creates diagrams such as flow charts, process diagrams, floor plans, maps and organisational charts.

This course can help the delegates to create 2D and 3D diagrams by making use of its inbuilt shapes, objects and stencils.

  • Learn the essential features of Microsoft Visio software

  • Learn how to communicate with the complex information using MS Visio

  • Understand the technical layouts of MS Visio

  • Learn the significant components of Visio 2016

  • Highly qualified and certified instructors to deliver the course


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Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.



Delegates will get certification of completion at the end of the course.



Courseware will also be provided to the delegates so that they can revise the course after the training.


There are no prerequisites for this Microsoft Visio Masterclass course. Delegates should be able to work confidently with a Windows environment, and ideally another Microsoft application such as Word or Powerpoint.


  • Students, MBA’s, BBA’s, Graduates & Post-graduates.
  • Working Professionals from any business domain.
  • Entrepreneurs, Prospective Finance Analyst, Market Analyst, Research Analyst, Investment Banker.
  • Delegates who want to enhance their skills to make use of Visio efficiently can enrol in this course.
  • This course is intended for the delegates who want to make Visio in their work.
  • Architects, Civil and Structural Engineers


  • Use simple and advanced Formatting Techniques
  • recognise the limitation of pie charts
  • review the tools and options for exporting charts and graphs
  • use Pivot Charts and Pivot Tables in Microsoft Visio
  • add Visio’s Smart Shapes, connectors and Visual Objects
  • work with Layers in Visio
  • apply themes to Diagram
  • Simplify and communicate complex information – Microsoft Visio

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The Microsoft Visio Masterclass provides essential knowledge and skills which are required to share data-driven visual information on the web. The course is ideally suited for those who want to acquire the Visio skills to create basic workflows and perform end-to-end flowcharting. Through this, the delegate will explore how to open files, adjust the interface, connect diagrams, format texts or shapes, and develop organisation charts, timelines and publishing graphs.

Once the delegates have learned how to use Microsoft Visio software, their skills can be put to use in a variety of ways. For instance, in a business environment, Microsoft Visio can be used to display the diagrams visually. Financial planners can analyse market trends using charts and graphs. The IT professionals can use network diagrams to assist in the creation of complex systems.


Getting Started with Visio

  • Navigate the setting of Visio
  • Understanding Quick Access Toolbar and ribbons
  • Opening and Saving
  • Extensions of file

Workflow with Shapes

  • Use Drawing Components
  • Finding Drawing shapes
  • Moving and handling shapes
  • Copying shapes
  • Filling and Outlining shapes

Creating and Arranging SmartShapes

  • Creating a SmartShape
  • Arranging SmartShapes
  • Connecting SmartShapes
  • Aligning SmartShapes

Manage text, shapes and pages

  • Manage shape text
  • Create and format text boxes
  • Insert pictures
  • Replace shapes
  • Group shapes
  • Manage pages

Create organisation charts

  • Understand organisation charts
  • Use existing data to create an organisational chart
  • Alter Layout and appearance

Add Style, Color and themes

  • Align and spaces shapes
  • Understand theme concepts
  • Apply ideas and variants
  • Use effects and Quick Styles
  • How to apply line colours and patterns

Working with shape data

  • Understand shape data
  • Edit shape data
  • Insert fields
  • Create or modify reports

Visualize your data

  • Enhance diagram effectiveness
  • Create data graphics
  • Edit data graphics

Technical Layouts

  • Introducing Layers
  • Learning to create Layers
  • Properties of Layers
  • Shaping Layers
  • Measurement Units in Visio
  • Setting Drawing Scale
  • Drawing with Precision
  • Learn to work with Building Plan Layouts

Creating Flowcharts

  • Dynamically Connecting Shapes
  • Modifying Connections
  • Cross-Functional Flowcharts

Page Layout & Printing

  • Changing of the Layout Page & Paper Size
  • Page Breaks
  • Inserting & Deleting Pages
  • Renaming & Moving Pages
  • Adding Headers & Footers
  • Foreground & Background Pages
  • Print Preview & Print Options

Working with Advanced Diagrams

  • Cause-Effect Diagrams
  • Creating Simple Flowcharts
  • Creating a Directional Map
  • Working with Gantt Chart & Pert Chart
  • Calendar

Diagramming and Data

  • Understanding Shape Data
  • Entering Shape Data
  • Defining Shape Data
  • Viewing Shape Data
  • Custom Properties

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