Adobe InDesign Masterclass

Navigating Adobe InDesign software


The Adobe InDesign Masterclass course equips the delegates with the essential knowledge and skills required to produce and publish digital magazines, brochures, flyers and interactive online document for mobile, print and desktop. The delegates will gain a solid understanding of the industry-leading page design and layout application and learn best ways of doing everything in InDesign. The course introduces delegates to the various tips and tricks to handle long and complex documents without any sign of delay and refine the copy to the last tiny detail. The powerful and time saving typographic features of Adobe InDesign allows the users to become more efficient and productive at work.      

  • Become Adobe Certified with MSP Training

  • Learn how to create professional quality print material

  • Learn various tips and tricks of Adobe InDesign in one day

  • Course delivered by highly experienced and well certified instructors


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Key Learning Points

Clear and concise objectives to guide delegates through the course.


Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.



Delegates will get certification of completion at the end of the course.


No formal prerequisites are required for attending the Adobe InDesign Masterclass course.


The Adobe InDesign Masterclass course is targeted at individuals who want to gain knowledge of InDesign. These include:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • Creative Professionals
  • Web Designers
  • Web Developers


  • Layout text and graphics in a document
  • Learn typographic and typesetting techniques
  • Automate the workflow with master pages
  • Modify the appearance of documents using colours
  • Work with Character and Paragraph formats
  • Share text and object styles between users

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Adobe InDesign is the desktop publishing application that enables the users to place text and images, apply text styles, work with colour and multiple frames, scale, crop and reposition images and create an automatic table of content. The Adobe InDesign Masterclass course helps in gaining essential skills and knowledge on working with Adobe InDesign. The InDesign training takes less time, fast-track work process and more of visual effects. It is also supportive in getting desktop publishing jobs easily and give thrust to your career. By the completion of the course, the delegates will be able to use tools and techniques of Adobe InDesign more effectively and confidently and see an exceptional difference in the quality of their templates.  


Introduction to Adobe InDesign

  • Overview of InDesign Interface
  • Overview of the toolbox
  • Create and save workspaces
  • Specify page attributes
  • Document setup
  • Adjust document setup
  • Create Shapes
  • Use ruler guides
  • Set Margins and columns
  • Lock a point in the proxy box
  • Use x and y references
  • Show hidden characters
  • Rotate, resize and reposition

Text Frames in InDesign

  • Specifying frame options
  • Text frame properties
  • Frame alignment options
  • Fitting content to a frame
  • Changing a frames content
  • Locking and unlocking
  • Grouping and ungrouping
  • Magnification and views
  • Placing text files
  • Linking and unlinking text frames
  • Introduction to typography

Functioning of Multiple Frames

  • Grouping and alienation of different objects
  • Objects distribution
  • Loading objects
  • Conversion and transformation of shapes
  • Use of various layer panels
  • Using objects in layers

InDesign Master Pages

  • Creation and editing Master Pages
  • A number of Master Pages
  • Locking/ unlocking of Master pages
  • Master page section and page numbering

InDesign long documents

  • Creating and editing TOC’s
  • Applying independent styles to TOC’s
  • Books and Chapters
  • Indexing, creating/Editing/updating
  • Indexing working with cross reference

InDesign pen tool

  • Use pen tool
  • Use of pen tool to create angles and curves
  • Work with compound path
  • Freehand shapes
  • Know the Bezier Pen
  • Bezier Curves

Type and Images

  • Work with Text and images
  • Work with the text wrap
  • Remove backgrounds from the text wrap and text insets

InDesign Interactive Panels

  • Interactive media
  • Use of multi-media for digital devices
  • Transitions of page
  • Object states
  • Rich media

InDesign and Photoshop Roundtripping

  • Photoshop and InDesign techniques
  • Work with Photoshop images
  • Combine Photoshop with InDesign

InDesign art tools

  • Colours dropping or colour matching
  • Type on a path
  • Transparency panel
  • Objects, styles, 3D
  • Working with External artwork

InDesign advanced image handling

  • Dynamic text wrapping
  • Alpha channels from Photoshop
  • Clipping paths
  • Image formatting

InDesign Print

  • Preview
  • Export to .PDF
  • Preflight and package
  • PDF options including security
  • Export from one format to other format options

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