Crystal Reports Masterclass


Crystal Reports is an application that helps the users to generate reports from simple to complex types. Users can include options such as Charts and sub-reports within a report to analyse the data and can make it more presentable to their clients. Crystal Reports allows data to be grouped as well so that the users can also be presented with a summarized view of their data. This data can come from various sources such as high-end databases like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Ingres, and Salesforce. It can also take data as input from other sources such as Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, XMl Files, Text Files, etc. Earlier on the Crystal Reports Application formed an integral part of Microsoft Visual Studio as a reporting tool but this has been discontinued as Microsoft has replaced the Crystal Reports application with its own in the recent versions of Visual Studio.

  • Learn to create different kinds of reports with crystal reports

  • Learn how to format reports with crystal reports

  • Know how to export reports to a different format using crystal reports

  • Get trained from certified faculty

  • Training provided by global training providers


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Courseware will also be provided to the delegates so that they can revise the course after the training.


Key Learning Points

Clear and concise objectives to guide delegates through the course.


Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.



Delegates will get certification of completion at the end of the course.


The Crystal Report Masterclass course comes with no special requirements but the knowledge of Windows environment would be beneficial.


Developers who would like to access the databases and generate reports using Crystal Reports should attend this training.


By the end of this training, the user will have become familiar with the following concepts of Crystal Reports:

  • Create reports
  • Work with formulas and functions
  • Learn about using parameters in a report
  • Know how to use the formatting features of crystal reports
  • Insert objects in a report
  • Base your crystal reports on external data sources
  • Learn how to export data to other applications using crystal reports

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The Crystal Reports Masterclass course helps the delegates by teaching them the various tips and tricks regarding the features of Crystal Reports. Professionals use Crystal Reports to develop business reports easily and quickly. Crystal Report has the capability of using almost any kind of data source from Microsoft Excel to high-end SQL supporting databases and Business Objects. As options to generate customized reports may not be available with the software being used in an organisation, reporting tools such as Crystal Reports are a great help. Crystal Reports not only helps generate reports it also facilitates in sharing the required report data with other users such as stakeholders.

Delegates during this training will be provided with all the information they will require when developing their reports at the workplace. Besides just the fundamentals, the delegates will also be provided with tips and tricks that they can use with Crystal Reports. This will save on their time and also add usefulness to their reports. By the end of this training the delegates will have become trained in this skill and they will be able to create reports dynamically as well as interactively. This will also be helpful to their clients as the information presented before them would be helpful to them in making the decisions they want. Moreover, reports can be created using Crystal Reports and exported to HTML format so as to view them over the web.


Introducing Crystal Reports

  • Understanding the Layout in a Crystal Report 
  • Relation between Databases and Reports
  • Crystal Reports Help
  • Customising Crystal Report Settings


  • Creating Reports 
  • Editing Reports 
  • Displaying Only the Required Data 
  • Report Sections in Crystal Reports

Making Use of Formulas

  • Creating Formulas 
  • Editing Formulas 
  • Using Formulas for Filtering Data 
  • Advanced Formulas 
  • Null Values in a Report

Working with Parameterised Reports

  • Creating Parameter Fields
  • Range Parameters 
  • Creating Prompts in a Report

Grouping Data in a Report

  • Grouping Data
  • Editing Groups in a Report 
  • Grouping with Parameters 
  • Creating a Parameterised Top N Report

Improving Reports

  • Formatting Reports 
  • Inserting Objects in Crystal Report 
  • Suppressing Unwanted Sections 
  • Using Templates

Using Excel to Create Reports

  • Creating Excel based Reports 
  • Editing Reports based on Excel Data 
  • Updating Data in an Excel based Report

Distributing Data using Crystal Reports

  • Exporting Data  from Crystal Reports
  • Create a Mailing Label in Crystal Reports


Course Name Dates Duration Price
Crystal Reports Masterclass 02/01/2020 Canterbury
1 Day
Crystal Reports Masterclass 02/01/2020 Chelmsford
1 Day
Crystal Reports Masterclass 02/01/2020 Chorley
1 Day
Crystal Reports Masterclass 02/01/2020 Guildford
1 Day
Crystal Reports Masterclass 02/01/2020 Ipswich
1 Day
Crystal Reports Masterclass 02/01/2020 Leicester
1 Day
Crystal Reports Masterclass 02/01/2020 Oxford
1 Day
Crystal Reports Masterclass 02/01/2020 Plymouth
1 Day
Crystal Reports Masterclass 02/01/2020 Preston
1 Day
Crystal Reports Masterclass 02/01/2020 Crewe
1 Day