A guide to the PRINCE2® 2017 update

A guide to the PRINCE2® 2017 update

September 27, 2017

PRINCE2® 2017 update

With the guidance of experts and an array of global feedback, AXELOS has updated and revised PRINCE2 the first extensive revamp since 2009. The revision focuses its attention on the examinations and the re-certification procedure. PRINCE2® 2017 goes live on the 10th of July, however, examinees will have the choice to sit either PRINCE2 2009 or PRINCE2 2017 until the end of 2017. From 2018 and onwards, only PRINCE2 2017 will be applicable.

AXELOS decided that the flexibility and adaptability of the PRINCE2 courses needed to be improved ensuring that it could be tailored specifically to the needs of a project. With this in mind, the objective was to create a more ergonomic and tailored training programme that would even better meet the needs of its users.

PRINCE2 Foundation exam changes

The foundation exam has undergone the majority of the alterations. There are now only 60 questions (previously there were 70), with trial questions now removed.The pass mark is now 55% (previously it was 50%). The content of the questions has also changed with the removal of negative questions and the reduction of the number of missing words and list questions. The time for the exam has not changed (60 minutes).

PRINCE2 practitioner exam changes

Changes to the Practitioner exam are not so expensive but have occurred nevertheless. The overall number of questions was reduced to 68 and 38 correct questions are required to pass the examination. The time for the exam has not changed and remains at 2 hours and 30 minutes. There has been a change in the content of questions, with the removal of complex question styles and a decrease in the number of questions of management products.

A reconstruct of the re-certification procedure is additionally an important modification. PRINCE2 2009 certification holders have validity for 5 years. Once the period of 5 years ends, they are able to take a re-registration exam in order to remain certified. PRINCE2® 2017 certification, will mean that the validity is for 3 years. A re-registration examination will not exist for those who possess PRINCE2® 2017 certification. Instead, they will have to re-sit the complete Practitioner examination at the end of the 3 year period. There are however other options to validate their certification. If an active subscription to PRINCE2 is held for the full three years post initial certification or completion of the required 45 continuing professional development points (CPD) then you shall remain qualified after the three years.