MSP? Not just a short term fad

MSP? Not just a short term fad

September 27, 2017

An organisation or business will only achieve its objectives and goals if the people within the business are given access to the right skills, knowledge and technology. At MSP Training we understand that implementing new technology, products, policies or business procedures is just the beginning, training is an integral part of driving business activity.

MSP  was first released in 1999 in recognition of the need for greater links between an organisation’s longer-term strategy, objectives and goals and the projects being undertaken by that organisation.  Programme management helps businesses and organisations understand new ways of working and innovations that will help them ensure they deliver major projects and programmes successfully. Programme management helps to manage, organise, control and accommodate any business changes or strategies so that the outcome meets the objectives that were set when the initial business strategy was put together. Whether it's across the whole organisation, within different sectors of an organisation, or involving a group of organisations, holding an MSP certification is becoming an important aspect of managing business change.

MSP training programmes will help your business in the long term so it's important to consider a few things before embarking on a new project or programme: 

  • Programme management and project management are linked – the programme is made up projects and will only be successful if the projects within the programme succeed.
  • Starting a new programme quite often has a higher cost initially than the level of benefits gained in the short term, it is extremely important to be patient.
  • Before starting a new programme ensure that there are enough resources to see the programme through, make sure that it doesn’t fail before the realisation of the benefits.
  • Ensure that the tools used (software, communications, physical equipment) favours simplicity and longevity over fads to avoid obsolescence and a steep learning curve before a project begins and whilst it is in action.
  • Consider changing the needs of stakeholders whilst the programme is ongoing and ensure that stakeholders are involved throughout the process.

To ensure users get the best service possible MSP training tracks the benefits gained from a project within a programme rather than simply completing each project and moving on. This way, the long-term programme can be monitored and adjusted accordingly in order to create the best possible outcome for the business or organisation in question.

By passing the MSP Advanced Practitioner examination and gaining your MSP certification you will have earned the most sought after qualification for programme managers. MSP is popular because it's the government approved methodology for programme management.