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Today, it is the era of the customer. Every organisation has to be well aware of the requirements of a customer to satisfy their needs. For this, it is necessary that the business communicates with the clients. Various modes by which they can do so include facial, telephonic, email and web chat. This Exceptional Customer Service training provides the delegates with a set of tools that can be used for managing their clientele according to their needs.

  • Accomplish and deliver more than client expectations

  • Offer customer services by various modes

  • Respond to he sentiments of customers accordingly

  • Make use of various best-practice customer service tools and techniques


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Courseware will also be provided to the delegates so that they can revise the course after the training.


Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.


Key Learning Points

Clear and concise objectives to guide delegates through the course.


The Exceptional Customer Service course has no pre-course requirements


This audience for this course are those professionals who wish to update their skills to magnify their options to build internal and external customer relations.


  • Providing a unique and best methodology to the client based on their requirements
  • Organising the needs of the clients
  • Accomplish and deliver more than what the client actually needs
  • Better the word of mouth by satisfying complainants and upset customers
  • Let the customers know the purpose and meaning of customer service
  • Ascertain your approach by relating to the services that are provided to the clients
  • Recognize the requirements of the customers
  • Offer customer services by various modes such as telephonic & online.
  • Get benefits for the organisation by providing exceptional customer service
  • Build good will through in-person customer service
  • Take custody by knowing customers practices
  • Using service skills develop active consumer practices
  • Determine oppositions and other necessities to stop undesirable exercises
  • Offer Go the Extra Mile’s for customers to create delightful experiences
  • Develop harmony, ownership evolution, and common solutions to ensure easy and a positive customer experience
  • Provide a clear view of a “Customer-Conscious Attitude”
  • List out the importance of values and extents
  • Have abilities that are required for an exceptional customer service
  • Make use of various best-practice customer service tools and techniques
  • Respond to he sentiments of customers accordingly
  • Look at the issues from the customer’s perspective.
  • Recognize policies so as to simplify the customer results
  • Surpass the expectations of the clients

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The best person to handle customer relations is the corporate customer service executive. The organisation and their clients, both pin their hopes in the capacity of the CSE to provide the right service. The course provides the delegates with the methods with which a client can communicate with the service provider and vice-versa. An organisation can have clients within and without the company. The employees of a company from another department are considered to be internal clients while those who do not belong to the organisation are external clients.

It is important for an organisation to understand the way in which all customers can be offered the best level of service. This is possible by establishing an excellent business rapport. Interaction with the customers can be useful as it helps know about their interests and requirements.Such a scenario finally builds up to providing better solutions for the customers.


  • Understanding Customer Service
    • Describe Customer Service
    • Identify Customer Expectations
    • Commit Yourself to Providing Excellent Customer Service
  • Focusing on the Customer
    • Create a Positive First Impression 
    • Identify and Help Meet the Customer's Needs
    • Create a Positive Last Impression
  • Handling Complaints
    • Make it Easy for Customers to Complain
    • Resolve the Problem
    • Cope with Upset and Difficult Customers
  • Delivering Excellent Customer Service on the Telephone
    •   Answer the Telephone
    •   Project a Positive Image Using Your Voice
    •   Transfer Calls
    •   Take Meaningful Messages 
  • Dealing with Stress
    • Describe Stress
    • Take Preventive Measures
    • Overcome Stress
  • Managing the Customer's Initial Contact
    • Accept a Customer Contact
    • Address a Customer's Emotional State
    • Address Your Emotional State
  • Addressing Customer Issues
    • Assess Customer Issues
    • Develop Solutions
    • Negotiate to Reach a Solution
  • Closing Communications
    • Upsell Additional Products
    • Conclude Customer Contact
    • Follow Up
    • Release Stress

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