Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade

Upgrading Project Management Skills


Motorola in 1986 introduced a concept for removing defects from the processes in a production line or anywhere in the organisation. This concept came to be known as Six Sigma and was also adopted by giants such as General Electric. General Electric in 1998 stated that it had gained savings worth $350 million and this went up to $1 billion in the coming years. The word spread and Six Sigma became a standard everyone was looking forward to following. Six Sigma manages time and mitigates defects  The purpose of introducing this in the business processes  - 3.4 defects in a million processes allowed.  By providing projects on time and within the given budget, Six Sigma helps to retain the clients of the organisation. Six Sigma creates professionals who can implement the Six Sigma methodology in the organisation and benefit the organisation by doing so.

  • Become a master of Six Sigma technologies

  • Learn to use the advanced tools and techniques of Six Sigma

  • Lead Six Sigma Project Management Teams

  • Get certified from Global Training Providers

  • Upgrade yourself to the latest versions, tools, and techniques of Six Sigma Black Belt


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Key Learning Points

Clear and concise objectives to guide delegates through the course.


Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.



Courseware will also be provided to the delegates so that they can revise the course after the training.


  • Each of the candidates appearing for the course must be a minimum of a Green Belt professional.
  • The delegates must also have some in-hand experience regarding the core concepts of Six Sigma


  • Senior Management
  • Management students
  • Team leaders
  • Software Professionals
  • Administration of the company who have been using Six Sigma
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers Members of Software Quality Assurance team
  • Audit managers
  • Security professionals


  • Implementing concepts such as 5S, waste reduction, process mapping, value stream mapping and error removal
  • Know how to define the relationship between the inputs and outputs of the various processes
  • Manage the team subtleties efficiently and at a faster pace
  • Understanding as to how to work with multiple levels of leadership
  • removing barriers and achieving project triumph
  • Finishing projects and handing them over to the concerned professionals
  • Specifying the scope of DMAIC projects and executing them.

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The Six Sigma methodology aims to remove defective business processes to save time with the help of Six Sigma tools and techniques. According to Six Sigma, employees work capability rises if the  Six Sigma rules are followed. Six Sigma can be used to improve upon business operations be it financial or otherwise, project management etc.Six Sigma gains more importance because of the fact that it is not limited to a specific type of industry.

During the Black Belt Upgrade course, delegates learn the complete and updated content every Six Sigma Black Belt professional must know. It describes how to detect errors and implement the core principals of Six Sigma. Any professional can take up this upgrade course only if he/she already possesses a Green Belt certification.


The delegates, having completed their training, sit for a Multiple Choice Questions based exam. Each question carries four answers. The candidates are required to answer them correctly to get through the exam and obtain the certification.The candidates require 50% to get through this certification exam.

Type : Multiple Choice Question

Questions: 100

Pass Percentile: 50%

Language: English


  • Innovative ways
    • Management meeting
    • Charting of responsibilities
    • Wheel improvement
    • Change with emotional cycle
    • Running a critical issues workshop
  • Working with Advanced Tools
    • Balancing in work
    • RRS
    • Value stream mapping
    • Gage R&R
    • T & F test
    • Experiment designs
    • Charts with Advanced Controls
  • Managing operational performance
    • Performance Management Dashboard design
    • Using performance management Dashboard
    • Management meeting
    • Working with improvement wheel
    • Interpreting trends
    • Using visual management
    • Developing a business case
    • Reporting performance management
  • Leadership techniques
    • Five leadership principles
    • Constructing a high-performance team
    • Situational leadership
    • How to run quick win teams?
    • How to run rapid action teams?
    • T & F tests
    • Ways to manage resistance
    • Coaching and feedback
  • Working with capability analysis
    • Attribute data
    • Continuous regular data
    • Continuous non-normal data
  • Change Management
    • What is change management?
    • Project report outs
    • Value stream mapping exercise
    • Project management
  • Measurement system analysis
    • Introduction
    • Attribute agreement analysis
    • Continuous data
  • Working with techniques
    • Simulation exercise
    • Logistic regression
    • Control charts
    • Variable SPC techniques
    • Assign SPC techniques
    • Control methods
    • Introduction to surveys
    • DMAIC review & final report
    • Proportions testing
    • Mean and variance test
    • GOF contingency table
    • Sample size selection
    • One way ANOVA
    • Improve Phase roadmap
  • Working with designs
    • Getting Design of Experience familiarity
    • 2K fractional DOE Designs
    • Full factorial designs
    • 2K factorial designs
    • Attribute DOE
  • Project reviews
    • Introduction and meaning
    • Testing analysis assumptions
    • Minitab graphical techniques
    • Flow review
    • Theorem of central limit
    • Confidence intervals
    • Pull review


Course Name Dates Duration Price
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 09/08/2021 Bristol
5 Days
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 09/08/2021 Birmingham
5 Days
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 09/08/2021 Reading
5 Days
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 16/08/2021 Southampton
5 Days
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 16/08/2021 London
5 Days
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 16/08/2021 Cardiff
5 Days
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 23/08/2021 Manchester
5 Days
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 23/08/2021 Glasgow
5 Days
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 30/08/2021 London
5 Days
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 30/08/2021 Maidstone
5 Days

Six Sigma and Its Techniques

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