Scrum Foundation Training

Project management skills to handle projects efficiently using scrum methodology


To satisfy customers, Projects come up with more and more complexity. There is a requirement for an approach which can execute complex projects efficiently. MSP Training provides Scrum Foundation Training Course to enable delegates for handling complex projects. The methodology of Scrum is insubstantial and capable to handle complex problems. It is very easy to understand and adapt as well. If you ever confront with the complex problems during execution of the product, then scrum approach is the easiest and effective approach to implement.

The MSP Training Scrum Foundation Training inspires from a successful agile business environment. The process can simply initiate by learning the requisite skills that a successful Scrum professional must have:

  • They must possess the skill of team collaboration and self-organization: If someone wants to be proficient at Scrum methods, one should know these terms.
  • One must follow Scrum principles: Scrum principles are considered the elementary stage to tackle complex problems. One must follow these principles in one’s organisation agile environment.
  • Scrum Product Owner Skills

  • Scrum Master skills to mange the stakeholder efficiently

  • Management of team effectively

  • Best Price in the industry


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Courseware will also be provided to the delegates so that they can revise the course after the training.



Delegates will get certification of completion at the end of the course.


Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.


There is no prerequisite for Scrum Foundation course.


The Scrum Foundation Training is designed for the following professionals:

  • Scrum Team
  • Functional Managers
  • Project Managers


The purpose of this course is to make you aware of the following terminologies and concepts

  • How one can improve knowledge of Scrum roles, agile methodologies, ceremonies and artefacts?
  • How one can plan and execute Scrum projects?
  • How to monitor Scrum projects?
  • Proper understanding of advanced scrum concepts

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Define Scrum? What is need of Scrum knowledge in the workplace? What types of problems can one solve with the use of Scrum? The number of subjects that cover during the whole course is Scrum methodology, implementation of Scrum in organisations, team collaboration, self-organisation, and division of a project into sprints. The most important point is that we provide strict guidelines to evade going off track to keep the Scrum process healthy.


An Introduction to Scrum          

  • Define core Scrum?
  • Understand Agenda and history of Scrum
  • Working and need of Scrum
  • Scrum Benefits
  • Understand the Product Owner Role and Responsibilities
  • Need of Product Owner in an organisation
  • The Scrum framework and roles

Summary of Agile

  • An Introduction to Agile
  • Study of Kano analysis
  • The summary of Theme screening and Theme scoring
  • A summary of Innovation Games and priority poker
  • Analysis of Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum and Sprint Review
  • Ordering Release Burndown and Progressing Release Plans

Scrum Roles and Responsibilities

  • Building effective teams
  • Scrum Master and Product Owner Responsibilities
  • The Scrum Project Community
  • Traditional roles in Scrum

Sprint overview

  • Team Work in a sprint  
  • Using tools for the Scrum Master
  • Sustainable Pace

Scrum Estimations

  • An Introduction to Scrum planning
  • Planning Poker

Scrum Planning

  • What is Scrum planning?
  • What are the ways to plan scrum?

Advanced Scrum Concepts

  • What is advanced Scrum?
  • Need of advanced scrum




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