APMP Certification

APMP Certification

Become APMP Certified:

MSP offers the industry-recognized certification program for professionals who are working in project managing environment. Achieving APMP certification will help the professionals to:

Progress Career:

The professionals will become more valuable to employers as they hold APMP Certification:

  • Demonstrates ability being a project manager
  • Demonstrates impact being a project manager
  • Provides a "mark of quality"
  • Recognizes Project Managers for enrollment, promotion and succession planning


Stand Out From the Crowd:

The professionals with APMP Certification achieve the following differentiates from other project managers:

  • The professionals who are achieving APMP Certification will have a current, proven and independently assessed record of project management
  • No other arrangement provides such tangible proof of impact


Gain Professional Respect and Credibility

APMP certified project managers have equal standing with professionals in other professions. They have the following traits:

  • Prove their commitment to review and improve their skills and knowledge
  • Move within the organisations, and externally throughout businesses, with recognised skills and credentials



What is APMP Qualification?

  • APMP is a classified as a knowledge-based certification developed by APM. APM is the Chartered body for the profession of the project. It allows the delegates to determine all the concepts of project management.
  • The delegates will be able to identify how these elements will interact with each other and how they get fit into the strategic and commercial environment.
  • APMP is an internationally recognised qualification. This can be carried from one job to another or one industry to another.


Who is this qualification for?

  • This qualification is for those candidates who wish to gain a broad level of understanding and knowledge of project management.
  • Those who have some previous knowledge regarding project management can enrol for this training programme to take their knowledge to a higher level.