Six Sigma Green Belt

Optimising Processes with Six Sigma


Six Sigma Green Belt course provides efficiency to the delegates regarding the practices of Six Sigma. Like the Yellow Belt professionals supporting the Green Belt Professionals, the Green Belts do the same for Black Belts. Six Sigma reduces the error levels to a minimum in any organisation for any given tasks. The net result is a higher and better standard of improvement of a company’s processes. The Six Sigma approach which helps in decreasing unpredictability in processes is a data-driven, well-organized and an analytical approach.

  • Obtain efficiency by the use of Six Sigma

  • Learn from Certified trainers and Global Training Provider

  • Help your organisation overcoming problems using Six Sigma methodology

  • Understand the various methods used by Six Sigma

  • Lead a team of Six Sigma Professionals


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Exam(s) included

Exams are provided, as part of the course. Obtaining certification is dependant on passing these exams


Key Learning Points

Clear and concise objectives to guide delegates through the course.


Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.


The delegates who wish to attend the Six Sigma Green Belt course must have an experience of 3 to 4 years in managing Quality Management Projects. The delegates are also required to have a keen eye for making analyses, an urge for development or bringing about change and should possess management qualities.

A Six Sigma Green Belt professional should be well qualified with the concepts that are taught in the Yellow Belt training of Six Sigma.


  • Delegates who want to upgrade themselves with Six Sigma Green Belt terminologies
  • Staff of an organisation who want to upgrade their Six Sigma skills  to bring about change and improvement inn the
  • Managers who want to implement Six Sigma


  • Solve quality related problems in different ways
  • Be members of Six Sigma teams practising quality
  • Work keeping in view the rules laid out as per ISO 13053
  • Implement Six Sigma in organisastion’s projects
  • Understand and implement the Six Sigm method DMAIC to gain revenues.
  • Minimise costs and time by the use of Six Sigma
  • Icrease organisation’s  productivity and satisfy both customers as well as employees
  • Gain a basic understanding of business concepts along with statistical investigation

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During the Six Sigma Green Belt course, the delegates learn how to use the tools provided by Six Sigma to understand the business and analytical concepts. Green belt professionals stand out as a benefit to the organisation because of the knowledge and skills they have in Six Sigma methodology. Green Belt professionals help the organisation by building the right kind of teams to earn profits for the organisation. They are responsible for leading project teams. The level of a Green Belt is higher than a Yellow Belt and lower than a Black Belt professional. This also gives them the additional responsibility of data gatherers for Black Belts.

The delegates are imparted knowledge regarding the Six Sigma tools and methods such as DMAIC and DMADV during this training. Professionals who are Green Belt certified, aim to recognize and mitigate the problems of an organisation. Green Belts suggest various ways to improve existing processes such that the organisation delivers projects on time and saves on money. Such professionals aim at improving process quality, project management and data inspection. It is also the duty of a Six Sigma professional to fill the hole that exists because of a difference in the theoretical and practical implementation of Six Sigma. At MSP Training we make sure the delegates are well versed with the tool and techniques of both Six Sigma and DMAIC.


  • Duration :240 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 100
  • Pattern of Question paper : Multiple Choice Questions


  • Introducing Six Sigma

    • Six Sigma – A History
    • Tools and jargons of Six Sigma
    • Language & Terms
    • Displays of Data and The Basic Statistics
    • Process mapping
    • Measurement techniques
    • Problem solving
    • Process Variances
    • Basic Plan of Experiments
    • Six Sigma Design
    • Understanding Total Quality Management (TQM) & others
    • Recognizing opportunities

    Six Sigma – The Belts

    • ISO
    • Deciding about a Project
    • Analysis requirement
    • The Various Six Sigma Belts
    • Roles and Responsibilities of Six Sigma Certified Professional
    • Communication

    Understanding DMAIC

    • DMAIC and Why it is used?
    • Understanding DMADV
    • DMAIC process improvement roadmap
    • Project Definition
    • Project Scope
    • Project Charter
    • Detail of project

    Six Sigma – Measurements and Variations

    • Metrics
    • Measurement
    • Value Streams
    • Variations
    • Process Drivers
    • New Processes
    • Potential Benefits in Six Sigma

    Customer Requirements  and Six Sigma

    • Process Maps – An Understanding
    • Spaghetti
    • Cause & Effect
    • Green Belt Role
    • Managing Tasks
    • Communications
    • Black Belts
    • Meeting the requirements of the customer
    • Measuring and Quantifying the process performance
    • Using Numerical and logical methods for analysing sources of variation

    The Six Sigma Projects

    • Selectin six sigma projects
    • Managing six sigma projects
    • Select metrics
    • Develop measurement systems
    • Collecting data
    • Tools of Six Sigma - Analytical, graphical, and numerical tools
    • Process capability analysis
    • Normal distribution
    • Measurement systems analysis

    Six Sigma in Different Organisations

    • Understand the relation that exists among variables, correlation and regressions scrutiny for two variables
    • Inferential statistics
    • Six Sigma in transactional and service organisations


Course Name Dates Duration Price
Six Sigma Green Belt 09/08/2021 Southampton
5 Days
Six Sigma Green Belt 09/08/2021 London
5 Days
Six Sigma Green Belt 09/08/2021 Cardiff
5 Days
Six Sigma Green Belt 16/08/2021 Manchester
5 Days
Six Sigma Green Belt 16/08/2021 Glasgow
5 Days
Six Sigma Green Belt 23/08/2021 London
5 Days
Six Sigma Green Belt 23/08/2021 Maidstone
5 Days
Six Sigma Green Belt 30/08/2021 Aberdeen
5 Days
Six Sigma Green Belt 30/08/2021 Edinburgh
5 Days
Six Sigma Green Belt 06/09/2021 Birmingham
5 Days

Six Sigma and Its Techniques

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