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Manage Change in Organisations


Change is the law of nature and one must follow it. Organisations need to accept these change with time. How organization manage this change and dealing with its impact is the real point of discussion. The joint venture of CMI and APMG  introduces The Change Management Certification. It is designed to impart these skills to the interested candidates. Change Management is purely collective approach by both these institutions. It serves as the best example for the professionals looking to be effective change managers.

  • Learn how to Manage Change in an organization with the help of agile Techniques

  • Develops a quality to Initiate Change Programs for your Organisation

  • Prepare Communication Plans with tour team To Bring About Change

  • Learn to Manage Change From APMG Certified Instructors

  • Best Price in the industry

  • One can expect high Salary after Course Completion


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Key Learning Points

Clear and concise objectives to guide delegates through the course.


Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.



Courseware will also be provided to the delegates so that they can revise the course after the training.


The MSP Training design change management course with no such primary condition. But if a delegate does have experience of organisational change then surely understand the course easily and quickly over his counterparts. It is always understood that prior experience of any task is helpful. The training with MSP Training will be a wonderful experience for all the delegate. Here, we provide the best learning Environment.






This course is designed for Business managers, Project managers, HR representatives, Program Managers and any member of a team who involved in an organizational change


After successful completion of the course, the candidate will learn following concepts:

  • Change drivers Recognition
  • Checking the impact of change on team members in organization
  • Organization culture Isolation
  • Check the impact of these cultures on change management
  • Do planning of learning activities to support change
  • Examine and Identify stakeholder’s  influence
  • Execution and creation of a communication management plan
  • Develop an Active team for change

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The extent of the change is controlled by the Change Advisory Board i.e (CAB) which actually examine the 7 R’s that are added in the process of change. These 7 R’s are as following:

Resource: What are the different resources that are essential to make a change successful? what is the maximum time one needs to manage that resource?  what is the maximum budget we can ask from the organisation? The quality of the resources is also the important factor that needs to be included in it.

Reason: Does change require? Why one organization needs any change? To what extent change should be there in it. All the changes applied in the best possible way.

Return: what is the return organization needs from the change? After that, the proper evaluation of the work needs to be undertaken. The best change credit goes to the workforce and the one who is leading them.

Relationship: what is the relationship between the change and other requested change ? is its congruence with the earlier change and proper scrutinization is required.

Risks: one of the most important factors is to take a calculated risk while going for a change. What types of risk are there?

Responsible: who is responsible for build, test and implementation of the change?  It is very challenging task to look for the right leader in the organisation. so, whenever a project met any kind of status whether get successful or meet with failure. So, who will come and take responsibility is the important thing?

This course covers the following topics:


  • Change and The Organisation
    • Reasons for Organisations to Change
    • Implications on The Design of Change Programmes
  • Change – Organisation and The Individual
    • Change Management Perspective
    • Impact of Change On An Individual
    • It's Implications While Planning Change
    • Frameworks to Support the “People Focused” Change Management Plan
    • Main Roles in Supporting Change
  • Education and Learning Support
    • The Learning Process
    • Recognising and Meeting The Learning Needs
    • Implications of Learning Styles While Designing Learning Interventions
  • Communication and Stakeholders’ Engagement
    • Stakeholder Plan
    • Identify and Analyse Stakeholders
    • Develop Change Management Foundation Effective Strategies
    • Communication and Commitment
    • The Effective Communication Theory
    • Different Communication Channels and their use
    • Developing a Communications Plan
    • Monitoring and Evaluating The Effectiveness of a Communication
  • Change Management In Practice
    • Change Impact
    • Tools to Ensure A Comprehensive Change Management Plan
    • Change Readiness, Planning and Management
    • Increase The Level of Motivation to Change
    • Build Organisational Readiness to Change
    • Prepare for Resistance
  • Personal and Professional Management
    • Develop Teams To Help Manage Change


Course Name Dates Duration Price
Change Management Foundation 02/03/2020 Birmingham
3 Days
Change Management Foundation 02/03/2020 Maidstone
3 Days
Change Management Foundation 09/03/2020 London
3 Days
Change Management Foundation 16/03/2020 Manchester
3 Days
Change Management Foundation 16/03/2020 Cambridge
3 Days
Change Management Foundation 23/03/2020 Glasgow
3 Days
Change Management Foundation 30/03/2020 London
3 Days
Change Management Foundation 30/03/2020 Edinburgh
3 Days
Change Management Foundation 06/04/2020 Canterbury
3 Days
Change Management Foundation 06/04/2020 Eastleigh
3 Days

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