PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner

Extending the PRINCE2® metodology with Agile


Agile is a methodology that relies on iterative development such that the needs and solutions emerge from collaborations between self-dependent teams. Agile endorses a disciplined approach to project management. The Agile approach believes in best practices that help in rapid development while meeting the organisation’s goals as well.

PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner is an endeavour to bring together the advantages of both Agile as well as the PRINCE2®  methodology. The delegates will get the advantage of using both these technologies in a single go. Also, the Agile methodology can be used in any industry. Being an extension of the PRINCE2® methodology, PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner provides knowledge of agile frameworks, concepts and behaviours that are applicable to an organisation's projects. Various approaches such as the Scrum and Kanban can be used as a part of the PRINCE2® Agile methodology. PRINCE2® Agile has six characteristics that help deliver the projects on time and within the estimated budget of the organisation.

  • Now with PRINCE2® 2017 Update

  • Apply suitable Agile method to be used with PRINCE2® Agile

  • Effectively customise PRINCE2® processes to meet the needs of the project

  • Understand in-depth all the main Agile concepts and blend them with PRINCE2® methodology

  • Combine Agile and PRINCE2® methodologies to earn a double advantage


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A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training to guide you through any issues.


Key Learning Points

Clear and concise objectives to guide delegates through the course.


Exam Prepration Tips

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Exam(s) included

Exams are provided, as part of the course. Obtaining certification is dependant on passing these exams



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For enrolling into the PRINCE2® Agile examination, the delegates must hold any one of the below certifications:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation
  • Certified Associate in Project Management® (CAPM)
  • Project Management Professional® (PMP)
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner
  • Levels of IPMA® (A, B, C and D - Certified Projects Director)



PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner course is recommended for:

  • Delegates who already have experience of Agile and now want to adopt PRINCE2®
  • PRINCE2 Practitioners
  • Agile Project Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Project Office Managers
  • Project Leaders
  • Team Managers
  • Agile Support
  • Agile Facilitators
  • DSDM Coaches


  • To use Agilometer for efficient decision-making
  • To customize PRINCE2® principles, processes and themes
  • Understanding of Agile framework along with PRINCE2® techniques
  • Understand basic concepts of working on agile methods
  • Understanding of the fundamental concepts of frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup and other techniques of agile
  • Recognise which agile methodology is suitable to use along with PRINCE2® Agile
  • Understand benefits of combining Agile and PRINCE2®

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Agile, even the name suggests, is for those organisations who are actively thinking of the future in terms of time and money. PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner qualification helps the delegates apply PRINCE2® concepts to their projects in real-time situations. Being two very strong methodologies for project management, their coming together signifies an even better approach being handled out to the delegates. While PRINCE2® focuses on providing better project management skills, the Agile technology helps in delivering projects on time as per the clients' requests. MSP Training offers PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner course to help delegates learn to combine PRINCE2® and Agile framework for better control and efficient management of the projects.


PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner exam has the following format:

 It is an objective type and open book exam having 50 questions in all. Each question carries 1 mark each. The delegates are required to score 60% or 30 marks to clear the certification exam. The Duration of this exam is 150 minutes with no additional time being provided for reading the questions.


  • Introduction to Agile
    • Basic concepts of agile ways of working
    • History of Agile
    • Benefits of Agile
    • Understand the difference between projects and Business As Usual
    • Why Agile was developed
    • Where to use agile approaches
    • Different agile maturity levels
    • Popular Agile frameworks
    • Techniques and behaviours of agile
    • Define PRINCE2® agile
    • Define kanban
      • Kanban method
      • Six general practices
      • Use of CFD’s (Cumulative Flow Diagram)
    • Core concepts of Lean Startup
    • How to shift to agile
    • Explain Scrum theory
    • Nature of scrum team
    • Scrum events
    • Scrum sprints and artefacts
  • Motive and context for merging PRINCE2® with Agile
    • Understand advantages PRINCE2® and Agile ways
    • Who can get benefit from using PRINCE2® agile
    • Understand eight guidance points
    • PRINCE2® governance and controls
    • PRINCE2® project journey
  • Motive and use of Agilometer throughout the project
    • Six sliders on Agilometer
    • Importance of Agilometer
    • Ways to improve Agilometer sliders
    • Requirements prioritisation in Agilometer
    • Rich communication focus area
    • Benefits of frequent releases
    • Benefits of failing fast
  • Understand fix and flex six aspects of projects 
    • Use hexagon for six aspects of project performance
    • Learn what to ‘fix’ and ‘flex’ about six aspects of project performance
    • Why ‘fix and flex’ approach is right
  • Adapt PRINCE2® themes, processes, principles and management products to project in agile
    • PRINCE2® Agile behaviours
    • Transparency
    • Collaboration
    • Self-organization
    • Rich communication
    • Exploration
    • Use specialist roles
    • Organisation of project team
    • Typical delivery team makeup
    • Understand servant leadership
    • Use and importance
    • Understand working agreements
    • Define testing
    • Quality checking
    • Approaches to planning
    • Common feedback loops
  • PRINCE2® monitoring techniques
    • Bum charts
    • Information radiators
    • How to direct project stage
    • Benefits of working collaboratively
    • Managing a stage and controlling stage boundary
    • Managing product delivery (scrum and kanban)
    • How to effectively close project
    • Guidance on use of contracts
    • Tips to become PRINCE2® Agile Project Manager


Course Name Dates Duration Price
PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner 05/08/2020 Manchester
2 days
PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner 05/08/2020 Maidstone
2 days
PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner 12/08/2020 Aberdeen
2 days
PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner 19/08/2020 London
2 days
PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner 19/08/2020 Newcastle
2 days
PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner 26/08/2020 Cambridge
2 days
PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner 03/09/2020 Birmingham
2 days
PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner 03/09/2020 Canterbury
2 days
PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner 03/09/2020 Eastleigh
2 days
PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner 03/09/2020 Chelmsford
2 days