Competitive Strategy Fundamentals

Build effective strategies to lead market


A decision-making process is one which helps in selecting valid choices by recognizing a decision, gathering information and examining the various available solutions. It is considered as the powerful asset within the organisation. The success of a company depends upon the good or bad decisions. Good decisions take the company to a higher level of opportunities and success while bad decisions are responsible for the failure of the company. This course will help the delegates to make better decisions needed to compete and lead the market.

MSP Training’s Competitive strategy fundamentals course under Business Skills is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge on implementing the strategies for achieving the desired goal.

  • Build and maintain effective strategies

  • Plan and implement the strategy to lead the market

  • Gather information required for competing in the market

  • Delivered by highly qualified and experienced instructors

  • Our courses are offered in luxury venues

  • Help and support from our team

  • Become better decision-maker

  • Learn to include audience in the conversation for more ideas


Competitive Strategy Fundamentals course doesn’t have any prerequisites, and anyone can attend this.


  • Competitive Strategy Fundamentals course is designed for those who are involved in the process of building business strategies at any level.
  • Anyone can attend this session for gaining skills of better decision-making for the organisation activities and success.


Upon successful completion of the course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Gain understanding of organisational behaviour in various situations of markets
  • Make better decisions by making effective strategies
  • Make organisation capable of competing in the market
  • Learn how to include the audience in their conversation
  • Build plan to get ideas from various resources and then implementing it in organisation


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The competitive strategy defines the various methods and procedures of competing and leading the market. Below figure shows the Competitive advantages with competitive scope:



During our training, the delegates will learn many advanced competitive advantages over its contestants in the market. The ROI of the business depends on its competitive power hence it is a crucial element. This training programme provides light on the structure of the market, the importance of analysis and assessment of the mobility. We have experienced and certified instructor who will make the delegate’s experience great. We provide latest study material in order to make our candidates updated with the new technology in the market. Our trainer makes sure that the delegates are capable of making effective strategies within their workplace after this training.


An Overview of Customer Strategy

  • An Introduction to Customer Strategy
  • Significance of Customer Loyalty
  • Various kinds of Switching Costs
  • Customer Value and Switching
  • Describing Old Dealers and Customers
  • How to get new Suppliers?
  • Maintaining your Customer Base Asset Mobility
  • Oligopoly
  • Cournot and Bertrand
  • Strategic Complements and Substitutes lecture
  • Capacity Competition
  • Competition and Financial Condition

How to keep business clean?

  • An Introduction
  • Explanations for Competition Policy
  • Knowledge of Instruments used
  • Define Cartel Agreements
  • What are the factors Favouring Cartels?
  • Describing Markets and Measuring Market Power
  • What are the Forms of Market Foreclosure?

How to increase returns?

  • An Introduction
  • Network Goods
  • An Overview of Network Effects I: Direct Network Effects
  • An Introduction to Network Effects II: Indirect Network Effects
  • Summary of Market Structure in Network Industries
  • Frugality of Scale
  • Diseconomies of Scale & Scope

Strategies in Network Markets

  • An Introduction
  • Achieving Critical Mass
  • Raising Attention and Downsizing Perceived Risks
  • Plans in Standardisation
  • Expressive the Target Market
  • Planned Pricing

How to get growth with partners?

  • An Introduction
  • What are Trends and Differences?
  • Goals for Partners and Buyers
  • Pre-Merger Deliberations
  • Merger Control
  • Post-Merger Mixing
  • Position and Differentiation
  • Complementarities in policies within the firm

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