Change Management Foundation & Practitioner

Become an efficient manager of organisational change


The Change Management Foundation and Practitioner course provide essential knowledge and opportunity to the delegates to manage the change and impact of change on individuals within the organisation. The five-day course introduces delegates to the collaborative approaches applied for developing a comprehensive change management plan, identifying different organisation cultures and their impact on the change process. During the training program, the delegates will gain an understanding of core concepts involved in change management such as change, the organisation and the individual, change and the organisation, communication and stakeholder engagement and change management in practice. The course is beneficial for those delegates who want to acquire both Change Management Foundation and Practitioner level certifications.

  • Support effective change by developing comprehensive change management plan

  • Prepare team for change and enhance their learning and motivation to change

  • Become an effective team member involved in change projects within the organisation

  • Build successful change within your organisation

  • Courses led by certified and well-experienced Instructors

  • MSP Training offers flexible mode of training at an affordable price


No pre-requirements are required for attending the course. However, some knowledge or working experience of organisational change would be beneficial.


The course is aimed at those delegates who want to gain sufficient knowledge of the organisational change. Managers responsible for applying and managing change and also convincing the rest of the organisation regarding the benefits of implementing change methodology can gain benefit from the course. The below set of the audience may find this course beneficial.

  • Change Managers
  • Sponsors
  • Operational line Managers
  • Organisational Development Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • HR Representatives
  • Business Change Managers
  • Any other member of the team involved in bringing and managing organisational change


  • Get familiar with the drivers for change
  • Recognise different organisation cultures and describe their impact on the change process
  • Analyse the impact of change on individuals within the organisation
  • Able to support change by creating learning activities
  • Develop an efficient and powerful change team
  • Choose an appropriate framework and use as the ground for development of a change management plan
  • Promote organisations that can respond well to change
  • Design and implement a communications management plan
  • Plan for extensive facilitated workshops encouraging meaningful conversations with those affected by the change
  • Build appropriate governance structures
  • Describe and analyse stakeholders to describe their impact on the change plan
  • Design and implement change that becomes the new business as usual

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Change is essential for all types of organisations. A well-defined change management plan is required in the organisation for implementing significant changes in the management strategy as well as meeting the expectations and requirements of the key stakeholders. An efficient change Management provides managerial and operational support for concerns regarding change and creates the correct approach towards the change among team members and other staff of the organisation. The change management training program empowers the delegates with the sophisticated methods for creating effective communication strategies, thus improving their morale, productivity and quality of work. The course provides the fundamental knowledge to the delegates to anticipate challenges and respond to these efficiently and quickly and align with existing resources within the organisation.

The Change Management courses introduce delegates to the overall structure of change management, and challenges arise due to implementing changes and powerful techniques to overcome resistance to change within the organisation. The delegates will learn how to develop effective influencing strategies and comprehensive change management plan while minimising disruption to existing operational performance.

Vital Information of Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Exam

The course helps the delegates to pass the exam after attending the training course. The delegates must sit for two exams to gain the certification. The exam checks the ability of the delegates to carry out the technical tasks in real-world situations. To gain the certifications, the delegates must achieve 50% marks in both exams. Details of exams as follows:

Change Management Foundation

The Foundation exam verifies knowledge of change management in general. The exam includes:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Total 50 questions
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Type: Closed book exam

Change Management Practitioner

The Practitioner exam examines the capability of the delegates to perform the tasks in the real situations. This include:

  • Objective based testing
  • Four major questions having 20 marks each
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Type: Open book exam



Understand Change and the organisation

  • What is change?
  • Understand the need to bring about change in organisations
  • Impact on design of change program

Describe Change, the individual and the organisation

  • The evolution of change management
    • Impact of change on an individual
    • Its implications and significance while planning change
    • Understand different organisational cultures
    • Roles and responsibilities in supporting successful change
    • Describe people focused change management plan
    • Select framework supporting creation of people focused change management plan
  • Education and learning support
    • Describe learning process
    • Diagnosing and fulfilling learning needs
    • Design learning interventions
    • Impact of learning styles while designing learning interventions
  • Communications and involvement of stakeholder
    • Define stakeholder strategy
    • Select and evaluate stakeholders
    • Design effective influencing strategies
  • Communication and engagement
    • Understand the theory of effective communications
    • Usage of different communication channels
    • Create an effective communication plan
    • Techniques to review and assess the effectiveness of the communications

Change Management in Practice

  • Change Impact
    • Manage relationship between change journey and business continuity
    • Tools to ensure a comprehensive change management plan
  • Change readiness, planning and measurement
    • Build motivation to change
    • Develop organisational readiness for change
    • Plan for resistance
  • Personal and professional management
    • Create effective teams to help manage change
  • Project management: change initiatives, projects and programs
    • Decide delivery mechanisms for change
    • What governance structures need to put in place?
    • Impact of project management methodologies on the management of change
  • Facilitation
    • Approaches for establishing larger workshops
    • Use of open space technology or World café
  • Sustaining change
    • Describe design factors ensuring change is permanently embedded within the organisation

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