ITIL® Training

Get familiar with ITIL® Framework and related terminologies


ITIL® Training introduces a methodology of ITIL® framework that comprises a series of qualifications focusing on various aspects of ITIL® best practice. The organisations who want to improve the efficiency of key business capabilities can use ITIL® Framework within their projects. These capabilities may include IT Service Management, Program, project and security.

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ITIL® Training Courses

ITIL® Foundation

ITIL® Foundation course provides the delegates with the understanding of concepts, terminologies, processes and principles used in ITIL® Service Lifecycle. It is the entry-level certification and act...


ITIL® Practitioner

ITIL® Practitioner course presents a systematic way to use ITIL® guidance to enhance new or existing services within the service. This course will cover nine guiding principles, its approaches, metri...


ITIL® Foundation and Practitioner

ITIL® Foundation & Practitioner is a 5-days training that includes ITIL® Foundation and ITIL® Practitioner course collectively. In ITIL® Foundation part, the delegates will get to know about the basi...


ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Service Operation

MSP Training introduces ITIL® Service Lifecycle- Service Operation course that provides comprehensive knowledge regarding the areas of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle. In ITIL® Foundation part, the deleg...


ITIL® Service Lifecycle- Service Transition

ITIL® Service Lifecycle- Service Transition course that provides comprehensive knowledge regarding the areas of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle to prepare the delegates for ITIL® Service Lifecycle- Servi...


ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Service Design

ITIL® Service Lifecycle- Service Design course that provides in-depth knowledge regarding the areas of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle to prepare the delegates for ITIL® Service Design exam that leads to...


ITIL® Service Lifecycle- Service Strategy

ITIL® Service Lifecycle- Service Strategy course that provides comprehensive knowledge regarding the areas of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle to prepare the delegates for ITIL® Service Lifecycle- Service...


ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Managing Across The Lifecycle

ITIL® Service Lifecycle- Managing Across the Lifecycle is a 5-day course that allows the delegates to gather all the knowledge they acquired throughout the ITIL® training programme. During the course...


ITIL® Service Capability - Service Offerings & Agreements

MSP Training introduces Service Offerings and Agreements course that provides comprehensive knowledge regarding the practices for Service Design and Service Strategy phases of ITIL® Service Lifecycle...


ITIL® Service Capability - Release, Control & Validation

ITIL® Service Capability – Release, Control and Validation course focus on the practical application of Release, Control and Validation practices.


ITIL® Service Capability - Planning, Protection and Optimisation

ITIL® Service Capability - Planning, Protection and Optimization course is designed to help the delegates in getting awareness of concepts and terminologies used to create an effective IT infrastruct...


ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement

ITIL® Service Lifecycle- Continual Service Improvement (CSI) course that provides in-depth knowledge regarding the areas of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle to prepare the delegates for ITIL® Continual Se...


ITIL® Overview

MSP introduces one-day overview course on ITIL® that provides in-depth knowledge regarding the management of IT as a service using ITIL® methodology. During the training, the delegates will learn how...



ITIL® is a structured approach in which ITIL® Foundation is the initial course and goes to higher levels in the certification scheme. Each certificate will contribute some points towards the ITIL® Expert Level.

ITIL® Training includes the following certifications:

  • ITIL® Foundation
  • ITIL® Practitioner
  • ITIL® Service Capability
  • ITIL® Service Lifecycle
  • ITIL® Managing Across the Service Lifecycle


Why should I take ITIL® Training?

There are various benefits of becoming ITIL® Certified. One of them is improved productivity within the organisation by implementing IT service management.  By adopting ITIL® in the organisation, the service providers will be able to:

  • Optimise the experience of user so that they become your permanent customer
  • Show the value for money. No matter if it is customer or some business
  • Improve the organisational productivity by supporting the result or outcome.
  • Enable the change the business to adopt the updated technology within the organisation
  • Effectively manage and control the risk associated while fulfilling the business requirement
  • Improve the organisational services to lead the market continually


Why choose MSP Training?

MSP Training is one of the leading training providers of ITIL® Certifications in the UK. Our instructors are certified and experienced. The training includes latest or updated study material with the best quality. MSP Training is trusted by many professionals and industry leading brands throughout the UK. Our support team is available 24*7.


Course Name Dates Duration Price
ITIL® Foundation and Practitioner 21/12/2020 Chorley
5 days

ABOUT Chorley

A market town in England known for its cotton industry, Chorley is located around 20 miles North West of Manchester. In the 1970’s the town was home to a large number of factories which have now been demolished.  A few that remain from the said period are Morrison’s chimney and some mill buildings. Chorley finds the origin of its name in two Anglo-Saxon words ‘Ceori’ and ‘ley’ where the former stands for a person of some status and the latter refer to a place name.


Chorley has a number of primary schools which are supported both by the council as well as the church. There are six high schools in Chorley as listed below:

  • Parklands High School
  • Michael's CE High School
  • Southlands High School
  • Albany Academy
  • Holy Cross Catholic High School
  • Bishop Rawstorne CE Academy

Some of the privately owned schools also run just outside the borough. Children also go to the Runshaw College for further studies which have expanded now into the administration site of ROF Chorley. Another college in Chorley is the Lancashire College that also offers adult education. The Lancashire College also provides exhaustive residential courses to its students. The Chorley Training College (also known as the College Day Training College since 1960) was another college for Chorley based students that functioned till 1981.


There are two local newspapers that serve the citizens of Chorley - the weekly Chorley Guardian and the free Chorley Citizen. Chorley’s radio station, the Chorley FM, is a famous radio station having been cited in the  British comedy show on the television Phoenix Nights. The radio station got a full license to broadcast only in 2005. Earlier, the broadcasts took place for a few weeks.

A comedy series by Dave Spikey, Dead Man Weds, was based in Chorley. Most of the characters in Steve Pemberton’s The League of Gentlemen were taken from Adlington, located in Chorley.

Seal Films, which operates from Higher Wheelton, and is a film production company, was nominated for a short film in 2001 for a Royal Television Society Award.


The first industry that appeared in Chorley was mining.This can be seen today even as there is evidence of abandoned quarries today even in the outskirts of Chorley. The mining industry eventually gave way to the cotton mills.

The technology to manufacture trucks was borrowed from a neighbouring town, Leyland. Today even we can see trucks plying with the name Leyland imprinted on them in various parts of the world. During the Second World War, a large factory that was located on Pilling Lane was responsible for producing military vehicles and tanks.

During the latter half of the twentieth century, Chorley saw a decline in its manufacturing products as due to the Second World War. The losses occurred in important industries such as textiles, coal, motor vehicles and armaments industries.

Leyland Trucks and BAE Systems happen to be the biggest employers in Central Lancashire.

The companies which make their presence felt in Chorley are the BAE Systems, Telnet, FedEx, North West depot, CSC, Multipart Solutions Limited,  Porter Lancastrian, and Merlin Cycles.

The initiative “Choose Chorley” launched by the Chorley Council in 2011 encouraged the small scale and large scale enterprises to invest in Chorley. The council also launched a website for the same purpose in 2014 at The website provides introductions to important personalities of Edinburgh people in the town, financial incentives and tailored support for business growth to those who wish to invest in Chorley.


Chorley connects to the rest of the United Kingdom and the world through its ever busy transport system which includes:


The A6 Roman road bisects Chorley straight through the town centre. The M61 also serves Chorley at Junction 6 and 8. also the M6 motorway connects to the west of Chorley with Junction 27. Also located on the M6 are the Charnock Richard services in Chorley Borough.


The following bus services connect Chorley to various parts of England

  • Stagecoach North West
  • Blackburn Bus Company
  • National Express


Chorley railway station is the main central railway station in Chorley. The following rail services are running through the Chorley railway station:

  • TransPennine Express – Services are offered to connect Manchester Airport and Windermere as also to Scotland without changing any rails in between.
  • Chorley is connected to Bolton, Preston and Manchester through the Northern Manchester to Preston Line.
  • Wigan-Blackburn Railway Line – Served Chorley up until 1960 when it was closed.

 There are other railway stations also that are located within the borough

  • on the Ormskirk Branch Line at Croston
  • on the Wigan–Preston line at Euxton
  • on the Manchester–Preston line at Adlington and Buckshaw Village


 Chorley has the Leeds and Liverpool Canals running in parallel to it.In the Chorley area, there are a number of marinas and locks that serve the citizens of Chorley by providing waterway services. They include:

  • Cowling Launch, Chorley
  • Riley Green, Hoghton
  • Botany Bay Boatyard
  • Top Lock, Whittle
  • Botany Brow

Overview of ITIL® 2011 Edition

Information Techno...